At Matador we believe that every book is different. That is why we don’t publish a ‘price list’, or offer ‘packages’ for publication of a book. Think about it… your book might need a cover design, another may not; your book might not have any photographs in it, another may have colour photos. By charging a standard package rate for publication, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up paying for something that you don’t actually get. And a full colour coffee table book will cost far more to publish than a typical novel!

We base our costs on your book, and nothing else. For any book, we ask to see a copy of your completed (or near complete) manuscript. From this we can quickly work out the actual costs of the work involved in turning your manuscript into a book, and we then send you a written, no-obligation quotation. We believe that this enables authors to have a realistic expectation of what it will cost to publish their book, rather than sign up for a package deal and then find that they are asked to pay extra for 'additional' services. For an example written quotation, click here.

We normally evaluate and quote for a new manuscript within 48 hours, and we can often give an indication of the likely costs of publication on the phone. Even then, however, we will always prepare a written quotation before agreeing to proceed, and we always need to see a manuscript before agreeing to publish.

All of this is not designed to be evasive or difficult, but to enable authors to get a realistic idea of what it will cost to get their book published. But to give you a broad idea of the costs of publication, we’ve listed below some 'average' costs. We’d urge you to consider these as being indicative – please do contact us to request a personal quotation.

Example publication costs

Pre-press: the work required to turn a 192 page MS Word novel manuscript into print ready files (includes typesetting, design, ISBN, barcode, cover… everything to make the manuscript ready for printing):

approx. £725.00

Note that all books are different, and these prices are given as an indication only.

Printing is on top:

  • 100 Copies
  • £340,00
  • 1000 Copies
  • £1540,00

Comparative Quotations

If you are obtaining quotations from other self-publishing services providers (and we suggest that you should), why may their quotations be different from ours? It’s likely that different quotations include different things. For example, some companies say that you can publish for just a few hundred pounds, and you can. But what are you getting? If you supply the print-ready files, all that will be added is an ISBN and the printing of a few copies. What you get is a bound version of your own efforts, not a properly published book.

And what about selling that book? We are approached by authors who have had their book printed cheaply, and who find that not only is it not available through Amazon, but that shops won’t touch it because it looks ‘home-made’. Quality matters in the retail book trade.

Matador has deliberately positioned itself as a quality self-publishing imprint for authors who are serious about getting their work in front of readers through traditional and non-traditional book retail outlets. About 70% of our authors print at least 300 copies of their book so that it has chance of achieving real sales. While we do print lesser numbers of books, or via Print On Demand, we still insist that the production value is high so that the book is comparable to any other professionally produced book.

If you’re after cheap printing, poor or no design and no post-publication support, then we suggest you try another company.

If you want a professionally produced book to be proud of that is given the best possible chance of reaching readers, then contact Matador.

Finding Out More…
Every book is different, so we don’t have a 'one-size-fits-all' price list. We prefer to look at every manuscript we’re asked to publish, so we can make sure we’re happy to publish it, and so that we can give an accurate written costing.

If you’re interested in getting a no-obligation written quotation from us, then please send us a copy of your manuscript. We’ll acknowledge receipt and get back to you within two working days.