Self-Publishing the Troubador Way

From an initial conversation through to post-publication, our authors and their books are our priority. Here is how we work with them throughout the publishing journey.

How We Work With Authors

Project management

From your initial no-obligation consultation through to the publication of your book, our team works closely with you to ensure your publishing experience is the best it can be.

Giving authors control

Our 35 years experience of publishing books means you'll get the best advice on your project, but authors still retain full control over every element in their self-publishing journey.

Clear communication

No matter what stage of the publishing process you are at, our team members remain in contact with you over the phone, by email or in-person to ensure you're always kept up to date.

Troubador's Unique Author Hub

Troubador's Unique Author Hub

The Troubador Author Hub is a custom-built system we've created from scratch with both our authors’ experience and process efficiency in mind. All Troubador authors get access to the Author Hub when they publish with us, and can enjoy its many benefits for as long as their book is being distributed by us.

Reporting on Sales

Reporting on Sales

Authors can access their current and historic sales information in the Author Hub, including stock levels in our warehouse, retailer sales made, gratis copies sent out and royalty statements.

Seamless Contact with the Team

Seamless Contact with the Team

At each stage of the publishing process, authors work with different members of the Troubador team, whose details can be accessed easily from the Author Hub.

Resources and Information

Resources and Information

We've created a wealth of information to help our authors understand how publishing works, and to make informed decisions on all aspects of self-publishing: articles, FAQs and information is all available in the Author Hub to browse at leisure.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers

We regularly run exclusive offers for our authors, from discounts in our online bookshop to money off supplementary services and marketing materials – and there's no 'hard sell', the choice is all yours.

Prioritising the Author Experience

While we are a company that publishes hundreds of new quality titles every year, we prioritise the author experience above all else. Each member of the team wants our authors to leave the publishing process having enjoyed it and achieving their publishing goals.

We love working with authors

Our team loves connecting with and talking directly to our authors, ensuring they feel listened to and in complete control of their project.

Transparent royalty process

Our quarterly royalty process is transparent and straightforward, with authors able to access the latest sales information for their books directly through the Author Hub.

Author bookshop profiles

All authors that have their books available in our bookshop, along with a fully customisable author profile featuring all their books which they can use as a 'mini-website'.

Retaining all rights

Authors who publish with Troubador retain 100% of the rights to their work.


Post-Publication Support

Troubador Hub access

Troubador Hub access

For the duration that an author is working with Troubador, you will have access to your Troubador Hub profile to allow you to check royalties, chat with the team or browse the various resources available.

Customer support a phone call/email away

Constant customer support

The publishing process does not stop with the publication of your book. It has only just begun. For the duration of an author’s contract with us, we are available to talk to you at any time.

Transparent EoC process

Transparent end of contract process

Authors have full control over what they would like to do at the end of their contract. We get in touch with authors 1 month before their contract ends and talk them through all their options in detail.

We help authors get published and their books sold

We help authors get published and their books sold

We help authors get published and their books sold

Start a no-obligation conversation with one of our publishing experts to discuss what your self-publishing goals are and how best you can achieve them.

What you'll get:
  • An informal chat about your project
  • Ask an expert anything about self-publishing
  • Helpful, honest advice on the options available to you
  • No obligation, commitment or hard sell