Troubador Homeward Bound

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838591595

eISBN: 9781838598068

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Homeward Bound


George is a recently widowed seventy-nine-year-old. He nearly made it as a rock star in the 1960s and he’s not happy. Tara is his teenage granddaughter and she’s taken refuge from her bickering parents by living with George. Toby is George’s son-in-law and he wants George in a care home. 

George has two secrets. 1) He’s never revealed why his music career stalled. And 2) No-one knows just how much the disappointment of opportunities missed still gnaw at him. He craves one last chance, even at his age. When it presents itself, through the appearance of a long-lost distant relative - whose chequered past should set alarm bells ringing - he can’t resist. 

For Tara, living with her grandfather is a way to find her own path and develop her own musical ambitions. She isn’t prepared for the clash between different generations and living in a strange house full of her grandfather’s memories – and vinyl records.

They get off to a shaky start. George takes an instant dislike to the sounds from her bedroom that seem more suited to Guantanamo Bay than anything he would call musical. But as time plays out, they find there are more similarities – neither know how to operate a dishwasher – than differences, and parallels across the generations slowly bring them to recognise their shared strengths. But when Toby inadvertently sets in motion a chain of events, it leaves Tara with the same dilemma her grandfather faced five decades before with the same life-changing choice to make.

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One Amazon review: 'I really enjoyed this book Although it will clearly appeal to music fans of my generation (over 65) who will appreciate the way Richard skillfully weaved the many music references into the story the book will appeal to younger readers too. The central premise that young people should take every opportunity to follow their dreams is very poignant. It wouldn't take much to turn this book into a film script.'

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Thoroughly enjoyed this book and was really sorry when I finished reading it and wanted it to go on. Hopefully more to follow by Richard Smith.

by Mary Kinneir

I got this book as a gift and found it really enjoyable and hard to put down. It's a story of music, relationships, dreams and realities.
The author managed to bring the characters to life in a way that had me totally invested - I was really annoyed by one character's actions, which to me is a sign of a well-written book.
I really enjoyed the musical references too; some I recognised from my parent's era, some were current that I knew and some I looked up (which brought the story to life further)! I'd definitely recommend it and think it could also be a good one for book groups too - lots to discuss.

by B. Sheppard

Heart warming but not sentimental story of older people and interfamily relationships told with a wry.himour.
Great picture of the relationship of a teenaged daughter and her family particularly her grandfather
Sent me straight to YouTube to check out the music
Good read for anyone 15-90

by CRS

This book is a lot of fun - I read it in two days, finding it hard to put down. Richard Smith's dialogue is fantastic! It's a family drama, but will be especially good for anyone who loves music as they are sure to enjoy the parallel experiences a grandfather and his granddaughter adjust to the next stage of their lives. Humane, witty, super-readable, enjoy.

by Nicola

Richard Smith

Homeward Bound is my first novel. Some might say, at my time of life, I should be retired with my feet up, not writing a first novel. But then, writing has been my life. For decades, I made my living by writing and storytelling for TV commercials and sponsored and corporate films and videos. You might well have seen some of them. On the way, I won numerous accolades, including a British Television Advertising Award, and over fifty best scriptwriter and best programme awards at non-broadcast Oscars.

Filming locations ranged across Nigeria, Norway and Norwich! Many recent projects focused on social issues, including disability, equality and care for the young and elderly. While I hope these have made a positive difference, rather worryingly, two of my early commercials were featured in a British Library summer exhibition entitled Propaganda.

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