Richard Smith

Homeward Bound is my first novel. Some might say, at my time of life, I should be retired with my feet up, not writing a first novel. But then, writing has been my life. For decades, I made my living by writing and storytelling for TV commercials and sponsored and corporate films and videos. You might well have seen some of them. On the way, I won numerous accolades, including a British Television Advertising Award, and over fifty best scriptwriter and best programme awards at non-broadcast Oscars. Filming locations ranged across Nigeria, Norway and Norwich! Many recent projects focused on social issues, including disability, equality and care for the young and elderly. While I hope these have made a positive difference, rather worryingly, two of my early commercials were featured in a British Library summer exhibition entitled Propaganda.

And by the way - there's a second on the way, to be published in April 2024.

Author news

Homeward Bound is out and can be ordered from good bookshops and through Waterstones and Amazon One Amazon review: 'I really enjoyed this book Although it will clearly appeal to music fans of my generation (over 65) who will appreciate the way Richard skillfully weaved the many music references into the story the book will appeal to younger readers too. The central premise that young people should take every opportunity to follow their dreams is very poignant. It wouldn't take much to turn this book into a film script.' And I'm in the papers!

Richard Smith

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