Unveiling Our Author Ambassadors!

10th March, 2022

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Unveiling Our Author Ambassadors!

Unveiling Our Author Ambassadors!

Written by:

Alex Thompson

Authors are at the heart of what we do at Troubador, and to further support prospective and current authors, while giving existing authors the chance to promote themselves and their work, we are launching the Matador Author Ambassadors scheme. Under this programme we will invite two or three current Troubador authors to represent Troubador as company author ambassadors. This will allow prospective authors to be able to connect with and learn more about how authors who have “been there and done that” found both our services and working with the Troubador team. In return, we make a series of benefits available to our ambassadors to symbiotically help them promote themselves and their work. 

We are therefore delighted to introduce you to Jude Hayland and Andrew Mullaney, who have kindly agreed to become the first Troubador Ambassadors. 'I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to become a Troubador Author Ambassador. I so look forward to connecting with prospective authors.' Jude Hayland, author of Counting the Ways, Miller Street SW22 and The Legacy of Mr Jarvis, said,' I am humbled that you have asked me to be an Ambassador. Our mutual beliefs and values as to how business and relationships are conducted, with integrity at the heart, are embedded within me. After all, that is the core theme of my book.'

Andrew Mullaney, author of Didn't Anyone Ever Tell you it's all a Game, will be appointed for a term of one year, and we are thrilled that Andrew and Jude have agreed to be the 'guinea pigs' for 2022. We'll be taking applications for 2023 ambassadors later in 2022 and Hannah Dakin, will have more information about this.