Launching Troubador Publishing's Illustration Service

8th January, 2024

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Launching Troubador Publishing's Illustration Service

Launching Troubador Publishing's Illustration Service

Written by:

Chloe May

Working in the Customer Services department, we’re often asked whether we can help source illustrations for authors. And, unfortunately, we’ve previously been limited in our ability to help.

Over the years we’ve built up relationships with a limited pool of illustrators, however, it’s usually been the case that we’ve put the author directly in touch with the illustrator themselves for them to arrange their illustrations ahead of self-publishing. However, we’re very excited to be launching our new illustration service in January 2024 – partnering authors with illustrators and doing all the heavy lifting for you, eventually providing the author with bespoke illustrations that they fully own the copyright to.

Sourcing illustrators yourself is often time-consuming and it can be difficult to know where to start. Authors who have not had illustrations commissioned before may struggle to get their head around the huge amount of options out there, or how to navigate the process. However, our network of illustrators gives you a headstart on getting your illustrations created and our agreements between author and illustrator are designed with an author’s best interests in mind, whilst ensuring that the illustrator receives the recognition they deserve.

Our roster of illustrators has been chosen to give us as broad a range of illustration styles as possible and we make sure that the illustrators in our network are of the highest quality in the styles they specialise in. All our illustrators produce original artwork and do not use artificial intelligence (AI) in their work.

If you’re interested in procuring illustrations for your work ahead of publication, the Customer Services team will put you in contact with Editorial Assistant, Hannah Cather, who, alongside her extensive editorial and project management experience, worked for many years creating illustrated books for several publishing houses, with work including fully illustrated children’s picture books, beautiful coffee-table tomes and non-fiction titles. Each project required taking books from manuscript to publication, via locating and commissioning illustrations, briefing them, liaising between all parties and managing the back-and-forth journey to final images.

Hannah will chat with you over the phone or email to determine how many illustrations you’re looking for, your preferred style and a discussion around budget. After this, you will be supplied with a briefing form to return to Hannah. Providing a clear brief is incredibly important for us to be able to find your ideal illustrator!

Once we’ve received your brief, we’ll get to work – liaising with our pool of illustrators and sharing some examples of their work with you. Then, once you’ve been matched with your perfect illustrator, they will begin work on the roughs, with Hannah acting as your liaison throughout the whole process.

Once the roughs have been completed and approved, the illustrator will begin work on the final illustrations. An amendment allowance is included within the author agreement, so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to make sure your illustrations are just right! Once you’re happy with your final illustrations, the final files will be passed over for you to use in your work.

We’re incredibly excited to kick off 2024 by matching you and your book with your perfect illustrator. To get started, get in touch with a member of the team.