27th June, 2024

Webinar: Public Speaking and Networking for Authors

Authors are professional storytellers, world builders, and knowledge imparters through their books. However, while every author is an expert on their chosen topic and, of course, their book(s), not all authors are as comfortable with the promotional elements of publishing or knowing what 'good' looks like when it comes to book promotion. A huge part of the promotion of your book is having the confidence and skills to talk about it to a room of people and be able to hold a compelling and engaging conversation with others about it. That is where our webinar comes in.

Troubador Author Ambassador and networking guru, Andy Mullaney, will spend a hour guiding authors through the best ways to speak publicly, network with other authors and promote their work in general. Touching on book marketing as well as speaking and networking, Andy will use examples from his own experience of publishing his book 'Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell You? It’s All A Game!' to help authors in attendance hone their skills in getting the word about their book out into the world.

Andy will also then spend some time at the end of the session answering any questions that attendees have on how to hone their own public speaking and networking skills.

This free webinar will leave authors inspired and ready to talk to the world (and a crowded room) about their book and gain the skills and knowledge required to network with other authors like a pro.

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