23rd April, 2024

Webinar: How to Get your Book Into Bookshops

Getting your book into bookshops is one of the main challenges faced by authors, one that can seem an impossible task. Giving your book the best possible chance of being selected for sale by a bookshop takes time, patience and great deal of determination, but there are many things that an author can do to maximise the chances of bookshop sales.

Members of Troubador’s Marketing Department explain the most important things you can do to help increase your book's visibility within bookshop ordering systems, and look at how best to approach bookshops as an author. From the importance of correct bibliographic data, to how bookshops decide which books they will sell, what not to do when approaching a bookshop and what wider distribution challenges there are, this session will give authors a head-start on achieving bookshop sales.

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