27th April, 2024

Bournemouth Writing Festival: Two Sessions at the 2024 Festival

For the first time, Troubador has been asked to host 2 sessions at the Bournemouth Writing Festival. From networking and Writing on the Beach to masterclasses, panels and talks, the festival has everything to inspire writers to write and get their work out into the world, and we are looking forward to being a part of this brilliant event.

We’ll first be hosting a session on “Traditional vs partnership vs self-publishing: what is best for you?” in the main 200-seat theatre on Saturday 27th April. In this session, our Business Development Manager, Alex Thompson, will be taking authors through the differences between the three publishing routes, the pros and cons attached to both and which route typically suits what kind of author. The session will be a useful one for authors who are yet to publish, those who have published multiple times and every author in between to figure out their next steps in publishing their work.

Shortly after, again in the main theatre venue, our Customer Services Manager, Chloe May, will be hosting another session, this time a Q&A with a self-published and a partnership-published author to distil down the differences between them and help authors decide on the best route to publication. This session will also be very interesting for authors of all kinds but will be of particular use to those who would value hearing from authors who have ‘been there and done that’ with either self-publishing or partnership publishing their work.

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