Troubador Ghostly Return

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130163

Format: Paperback

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Ghostly Return


Continuing story of Louis and Katie from ‘Ghostly Embrace’. The year is 1972 Louis has been trapped in the netherworld for over a century. His lifeblood that had seeped into the carved bed, made by his own hands, suddenly releases him when, in an unexpected incident, he is returned to the mortal world. The joy of been able to feel and touch, to live again, is put at risk by a surprise trip to North Yorkshire, the trip was planned by Katie. It was to be a nostalgic adventure to visit Ravensend his birthplace.

They arrive at the hotel, Louis is shocked to find himself facing the place where we met Sophia. Sophia his wife murdered him in a fit of jealousy and was hanged for the crime. Unknown to Louis and Katie, her body had been buried in the grounds, her spirit had been drawn into the hall to find her father and haunts it still. Sophia sees the couple as they book in and recognises her husband whom she had killed, apparently alive and well and wearing a living shroud. How could it be, she asked herself, that he could have a life that was denied her?

Revenge and envy rule Sophia’s head. After unsuccessfully trying to kill Katie, Sophia manages to blend with her and is carried back to Hertfordshire, where she influences Katie’s life. Sophia is determined to kill Katie and Louis, but not until she has been taken back to Yorkshire. Sophia finds Louis’ kingdom behind the carved headboard and invites in a spirit, a handsome devil who feeds her soul extra hate that puts Louis and Katie in even more mortal danger.

At present working on book two Ghostly Return.

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Brenda Hurley

Worked as dress designer after college in Bradford.

Became an Artist painting in acrylic in 1995, subjects including landscapes and still life.

Wrote children's stories, poetry.

Worked on Ghostly Embrace for five years.

From conception to printed book.

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