Brenda Hurley

I have always loved creating, whether it was in fabric, paint, or words.

I started out as a dress-designer in Bradford, West Yorkshire, working in mail order. I married and had children, before moving south in 1976, leaving my business behind.

I decided to take up the brush with canvas in 1985, developing new skills in Oil and Acrylic paint. Writting also became part of my creative world writting poetry and children's stories.

In 2013, I visited a stately home at Kingston Lacy, in Dorset, where I saw some wonderful carved art. It became my inspiration and the stepping stone for my first novel Ghostly Embrace. Now, I paint and write side by side. Painting stories in paint and painting with words for my novels.

I worked on Ghostly Embrace for five years. From its conception to the printed book.

Author news

Ghostly Return the much awaited sequel is printed and ready to go. The continuing love story of Louis and Katie, threatened by a ghost of the past, the year is 1972. An age very different to the one Louis knew. what sort of future would Katie have? Certainty it wasn't exactly what she had planned. 


Oct 28, The final book is released. 'Ghostly Light.' Well what a journey. I'm quite exhausted. My lovely characters have been diverted, put in the paths of demons and managed to survive in one form or another. I have talked about them on Talk Radio Europe. They have been on the radio in Hertfordshire and in December on Ohio radio, USA. Anna Jinja Mather will promote it in her slot. This is an exciting time. So I can only wish you happy reading with this romantic Paranormal fiction. 

Brenda Hurley

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