Troubador Angels at Twenty Past

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781838594428

Format: Paperback

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Angels at Twenty Past


In the grand scheme of things, one burglary at your parents’ house – especially when nothing appears to have been taken – barely makes an impact. It certainly doesn’t in rich girl Cassie Greatrex’s life as she returns to work with the incident pretty much forgotten. Until, that is, Colin Bardsey steps into the salon. 

Arresting, magnetic, he makes it very clear what he wants and what he wants is Cassie…at least, that’s what she thinks until their dinner date is interrupted by a fiery young Welsh undergraduate out for blood. Huw Trefor makes no bones about the fact that he considers Colin dirt; and what he as to say ultimately brings to light a long-buried truth with its roots in war-torn Berlin, concerning not only Cassie’s family but also Colin’s. Information has been lost for seventy years; information Colin is after. And he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Swept up in a race with Huw to find the truth with danger following their every step, Cassie is forced to look at those closest to her and wonder what secrets they could be hiding. From London to Assisi to Orvieto, everything she thinks she knows is held to the light (...and why should an old copy of The Iliad be quite so important?) But after the truth comes out, will she wish she’d been kept in the dark?

I loved reading this book and I would definitely recommend it. There are enough twists and excitement to keep the pages turning and everything is neatly explained as you go without giving things away. The style of writing is beautiful and the whole book is simply a joy to read.

by M Field

Marchell Abrahams

The author is the widow, daughter, and descendant of soldiers (and one Naval officer). She endured a wide variety of educational methods, which confirmed her as an eclectic, word-nerd, and general misfit. She has a passion for neglected British history, which forms the background to her romantic thrillers. 'Angels at Twenty Past' is the first of these. She lives in Scotland.

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