Marchell Abrahams

Marchell Abrahams is the widow, daughter, and descendant of soldiers (and one Naval officer).  She endured a wide variety of educational methods, which confirmed her as an eclectic, word-nerd, and general misfit.  She has a passion for neglected British history, which forms the background to her romantic thrillers, the first of which, 'Angels at Twenty Past', is available from Matador Publishing's website.
She is at present finishing 'The Great Migrations to Britain of 1527 B.C. and 485 B.C', due to be published soon by her own nascent William Congreve & Co., Publishers.  She is also working on 'GodsBody', a study of the Numinous through the etymology of English, and 'Finding the Phœnix', a history of the early origins of the British.  She will be publishing more of her novels, as well as 'more serious' books, through William Congreve & Co., Publishers.
She has a foot in both England and Scotland, and runs a modest YouTube channel on which she resurrects all sorts of connections lost sometimes for centuries.

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