Troubador Tarot

Released: 28/05/2022

ISBN: 9781803131689

eISBN: 9781803139333

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Life Guided by the Cards


Most tarot books explain the meaning of the cards and how to read spreads. In Tarot: A Life Guided by the Cards, I go one step further – using events from my life to illustrate the rich symbolism of each card and helping the reader see how they relate to their own life and circumstances.

I have an extended section on the court cards, which are the characters of Tarot. Understanding these cards is a fascinating way to better know yourself, other people, and to add real colour to your readings.

I also cover some big tarot questions:

What is fate? Can the future be predicted?

How to read for yourself in difficult times.

How to adjust a Tarot spread to ensure accuracy and reflect any situation.

Safeguarding - what you need to consider when reading Tarot for others.

How to guide your life with the tarot.

Think of my book as a long chat with a Tarot expert, shared over a cup of coffee. As I share memories, answer your questions, and offer you practical guidance to support your Tarot journey.

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Maddy Elruna

Maddy Elruna is a Norse shaman who reads Tarot. Living in East Sussex with her four children, her work is a hectic mix of reading the cards, shamanic healing using Lokk-seidr, teaching Tarot and shamanism, with writing squeezed in with a morning coffee.

She is endlessly fascinated by the imagery of the Tarot- and their odd ability to reflect what most needs to be said at any given time.

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