Troubador Seven Wonders of The Self

Released: 28/10/2022

ISBN: 9781803134789

Format: Paperback

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Seven Wonders of The Self

Access your Healing Powers


Have you ever tried to achieve inner calm and practice self-care? Seven Wonders of the Self is a book for those who wish to connect to their body and learn about self-healing. It offers effective techniques and guided meditations to help you find your inner balance and promote your wellbeing. Like Seven Wonders of the World, everyone has powerful wonders inside of their body which can help to accelerate their healing journey. Each of the seven chapters of the book explores a special gift that every person has: hearing, seeing, talking, feeling, loving, creating energy and shining light. The reader is invited to learn about their intuitive healing power and use it with the help of inspiring words and practical visualisation exercises.

The book provides a step-by-step guide for healing and explains how to engage your natural power by listening to your intuition, connecting to energy, communicating with the body, loving and accepting yourself.

Packed with essential tools that can be used at any time, the book touches upon important aspects of every person’s life, such as the connection between physical and emotional health, maintaining the inner balance and finding a life purpose. Practical meditations teach how to create positive energy and let go of past negative experiences. Whether you’re a new starter or just looking for something different, Seven Wonders of the Self is a transformational book that could help you achieve what you’ve long wanted!

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