Troubador From Innocence to Inner Sense

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781800460829

Format: Paperback

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From Innocence to Inner Sense

The Journey to Mediumship


From Innocence to Inner Sense, is a highly acclaimed medium's story of mediumistic and personal unfoldment. From his early roots in a northern UK mining town, he charts his journey from being a shy and anxious teenager to now one of the most sought-after evidential mediums and teachers working today.

This book begins autobiographically but evolves into a vital handbook for those studying mediumship. Over almost 30 years of demonstrating and teaching mediumship Darren offers the reader his experience and understanding of what helps, and what harms mediumistic unfoldment. He offers his own definition of psychic and mediumship connections as well as instructing the reader on how they can achieve accuracy and consistency in their own work. Woven throughout are Darren’s own experiences which have taken him to a greater understanding of his awareness. Experiences such as being shot, finding a missing child, and demonstrating under extreme conditions all aim to assist the reader in understanding how their own awareness functions. There are also practical tips on improving the students’ awareness as well as identifying the eight conditions necessary for it to function in the first place!
Whether you are new to the subject of mediumship or are already a committed student of it, this book offers both practical guidance and clear understanding of all aspects of this unique journey.

Thanks for an incredibly good book. Among the best i have read. I will read it again and again. One idea would be to translate it into Swedish. Then I can use it in my media educations in Sweden.

by Susanne Ytterberg

I've just had a quick look through as saving it for when I'm away.
From what I have read I like the journey Darren takes us on & the advice & in my part reassurance in a couple of area's of my way of thinking.

by Yvonne Carter

I've just had a quick look through as saving it for when I'm away.
From what I have read I like the journey Darren takes us on & the advice & in my part reassurance in a couple of area's of my way of thinking.

by Yvonne Carter

I really loved this book. Very easy reading and I didn't want to put it down. Lovely start to the book with Darren explaining his own journey into Spiritualism and then sharing his wisdom and knowledge. I did learn a lot and I completely resonated with Darren's experiences.
I would recommend this book to anyone, not just those on a spiritual journey.
10/10 for a great read.

by Jean Cauldwell

Wished i had read this book when i was starting out as a medium as it would have been so beneficial. Still a very worthwhile read and a joy. . . Highly recommend.

by Emma Crossley

Very well written book with something of interest to everyone who enjoys this subject. Wish I'd had this around when I first started in my mediumship journey.
So easy to read it kept my attention all the way through.
Darren's personality shines through and tells it like it is especially about some "mediums" stage efforts, we have all seen them and cringe!
Can't wait for book No2.

by Steve Butler

This book From Innocence to Inner Sense, could also say to Common Sense... Darren's back story is a joy to read, he shares his highs and lows of his personal journey with his mediumship and goes on to help and guide those who may also be drawn to the faculty with a common sense approach.
Darren gives the reader ideas on how to increase their own connection through to being your own version of expression, rather than a 'cloned' Medium. Most refreshing.

Well worth a read, Darren's style is easy on the mind, body and soul. Highly recommended.

by Debs Sutton

What a wounderful book, loved it from start to finish, excellent! I'm about to re read it again! It's a great, easy read with a fantastic down to earth approach from Darren. He encourages us to find our own connection with the spirit world instead of the usual, this is how you do it instruction. So much helpful advice from one of the most evidential mediums around. Darren's advice makes so much sense. An absolute must read for all abilities as it is brilliant. Thankyou for bringing this book to us Darren

by Clare Rowe

Whether you are new to mediumship or have been working to unfold your skills for years, Darren's book is just right for everyone! This is a completely authentic account of his own journey, as well as, some of the greatest advice and teachings for your own mediumistic development. His techniques are the things you have been wanting and hoping to learn from all the other books and classes that you have signed up for in the past. As a teacher, Darren shares everything that has made for his own success, and if you follow his teaching, you will finally find ways to progress within your own mediumship. I am so grateful for what he has shared and thoroughly enjoyed reading this, even laughing out loud to some of the witty things he writes, or seeing myself in his examples.

by Lory Leyman

I'm not a book reader but I thoroughly enjoyed reading Darren's book , love to see Darren work with spirit fantastic medium, look forward to book number 2

by Jackie McInally

This is a must-read for all mediums, whether novices or those already working professionally! I couldn’t put it down and am already reading it again. Even though Darren’s experience of how he came to know he was a medium is different than mine, the questions he asked and the emotional roller-coaster he rode along his journey is something I - and probably all other mediums - can readily relate to and learn from. There are gems of wisdom throughout the book, so much so that I am considering marking it up, regardless of the impending Catholic school girl guilt!

Thank you, Darren, for the enormous gift of your wisdom, insights and experience!

by Julie Sullivan

There are many books on this subject of mediumship and Darren's book is not only biographical, it incorporates the philosophy behind his work backed up by experience.
Explained so well and easy to read, perfect for anyone, with an interest in mediumship and personal development, whether a newby or someone like me who has been involved in this work for years.
A very honest and open view of the reality of the Spirit World and development.

I have been fortunate enough to see Darren's exceptional evidential mediumship, his teaching and his public speaking. The Quality in his public work really shines through and is captured into this wonderful masterpiece of reading art.

Looking forward to the next book

by Adam Berry

Darren Brittain

Since 1991 Darren has demonstrated his mediumship in Spiritualist churches, public halls and theatres. His gift has taken him to all counties in the UK as well as to Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Canada, and America as well as offers of work from Denmark and Australia. He has written for, and been featured in several well-respected esoteric publications including Two Worlds and Psychic News, and in the last few of years has turned down three offers of work on high profile TV programmes, feeling that his work would be seen as purely entertainment and not for its true meaning.

He is able to convey messages from the other side; often with such accuracy there is no doubt that a world exists after this one. His reputation for delivering names, dates, street names, and personal information to identify loved ones has earned him a reputation as a medium of the high quality. As well as being able to convey messages from the Spirit World, he sees his work as much more than that. He has a desire to remind people through his own experiences of life, and through his connection to Spirit, that we are all Divine in origin and how we can attune to that source of love to help us to heal.

Darren Brittain

Darren Brittain
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