Troubador Jenny Leach Paintings, Prints, Drawings from 1986 to 2016

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788032872

Format: Paperback

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Jenny Leach Paintings, Prints, Drawings from 1986 to 2016


An inspired collection of the authors’ own work spanning 30 years into the ‘Visual Art Language’. 
Demonstrates a variety of mediums including oil paint, etching and drawing. 
Will appeal to readers with an interest in Fine Art, practitioners or those with an interest in the development of a visual language.  

This is a book of original art works comprising 49 colour and 62 black and white images, most are at full page size. The book is divided into six sections which look at different aspects of visual language in terms of either subject matter or media. It contains works from memory, etchings, still life, portrait, figure drawings and student work which form these six sections. 

Readers are able to see the development of a language which has evolved from early student work to current work. There are brief introductions to each section which aim to explain how the ideas came about, providing some detail about the artistic process, the inspiration behind the work and the challenges encountered along the way.  

Complementing the visual art are short and concise introductions to each section. A biography of the author is included at the end.

This is an inspired book, a fascinating insight watching style and design change as the artist is influenced by her life. A delight to have on the coffee table to browse through at will.

by Jane Thompson

I really appreciate the Study for.. alongside the final paintings, the etchings and engravings, and the Life Drawings. In fact it is an all round fascinating collection of examples of her work.

by Peter Evans

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