Jenny Leach

Jenny leach was born in Fulham (London UK) in 1966 to musician parents. Jenny Trained as a dancer from the age of 11 to 17 and spent some time after this travelling and working in various jobs. On returning from India in 1985 she wandered into Putney Art School hoping to do a photography course as a hobby interest. She was accepted onto the portfolio preparation course. Through this course she was introduced to Oil Painting, Etching and Life Drawing, these quickly became a passion which led her to Camberwell Art School. Working in diverse jobs during her studies and on leaving college (including being a bar maid, waitress, betting shop clerk, painter/decorator and life model) She then worked at Putney Art School as a tutor, teaching Life Drawing and Painting, Etching, Portfolio Preparation, later teaching the visual studies unit of the Diploma in Art and Design (a course she co founded with Jan Malaszek) and the Advanced Open Studio Workshop. Jenny considers that teaching makes one re-evaluate how one works, helps with visual problem solving as well as bringing a clarity of explanation to technical issues. Working with colleagues who are also Visual Art practitioners has been great fun and interesting because everyone has their own way of doing things with an integrity which seems a rarity in the 21st century. Group exhibitions include - Millinery Works (London), Barbican Centre (London), Sweet Briers College (USA) and Gallerie Jeanne (Munich)

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