Troubador The Clarks of Crofton Hall

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803131702

Format: Paperback

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The Clarks of Crofton Hall

The Rise of a Victorian Family


Lavishly illustrated with images and stunning photographs from private collections and spanning three generations, delve into the history of Thomas Clark and his family…

Rising from obscure beginnings to become a gentleman in the Victorian age dominated by the class system, as a merchant, Thomas was importing exotic produce from around the globe into the City of London. The diaries of his daughter Matilda throw open a window onto the stresses and strains of family life, showing a stereotypical Victorian father (including the bad temper).

Follow his eldest son through his artistic endeavours as a lecturer, writer, poet and artist. There is a shift of perspective on his authoritarian father; here is a devoted family man who adored his wife and spent time with his family. A man dedicated to both science and religion in a world in which he found some new teachings objectionable as an evangelical non-conformist Protestant.

Finally, the life stories of his children unfold, including the author’s grandfather; they were born into privilege but transcended the modern world which saw social change. Moving recollections of lives lived up to the 1950s from children, grandchildren and local residents are revealed.

Read these fascinating tales, including that of the great-uncle who appears to have made an important invention, which played a significant role in winning the Great War – but perhaps someone else ended up claiming the credit?

A fascinating and readable saga of the highest order. 
John Titford MA FSA

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Moira Walshe

Moira Walshe has been researching her maternal grandfather's family for 30 years. She became fascinated with them as a child after hearing stories about them from her mother. She has a lifelong passion for history and had always intended to write a book to provide a permanent record of her research. In 2006, she took a short online course with the Open University entitled 'Start Writing Family History'. In 2014, she completed a BA (Hons) degree in Humanities with Art History and Classical Studies following six years of part-time study, again, with the OU.

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