Troubador The Mulholland Files

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838591472

eISBN: 9781838597191

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Mulholland Files


Edward is enjoying his semi-retirement, but when a mysterious photograph lands on his doormat, he knows it spells trouble. Pulled back into a world he thought he’d left behind for good, his new relationship with Abby is put to the test and both of their lives are in danger…  

The mystery deepens and Edward’s choices are limited. Who are the people in the shadows and just who should he trust? Why did this woman contact him and what does she know?  

As Edward’s comfortable life is blown apart by the revelations that unfold, he desperately searches for the truth and struggles to keep one step ahead of his pursuers. Will he recognise the danger confronting him before it’s too late?

I have recently been interviewed by James Thomas at BBC Wiltshire radio. Visit BBC Sounds to hear my dulcet tones!

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Fully Booked

Loved this!! A real thriller that had me hooked from the start, and that begged me to read ‘just one more chapter’ even when it was way past bedtime!! Full of twist, turns and double-crosses, I found myself drawn into world of espionage and secrets that left me not knowing who to trust. A thoroughly enjoyable and thrilling read. Fingers crossed for a sequel.

by Book Worm

Excellent page turner from beginning to end. Sandy clearly cares about the people and places she has written about.
Would recommend to everyone

by Jo

Excellent page turner from beginning to end. Sandy clearly cares about the people and places she has written about.
Would recommend to everyone

by Jo

I am not generally a good reader, and get distracted quite easily especially within the first few pages of a book. I have to say this book grabbed my attention quickly, and within no time I found myself not only looking forward to the next chapter, but staying awake at night in bed just to read on and find out what happened! I also got to know the characters and found myself trying to work out if they were really who you were told they were! The twists come frequently enough to keep you there, but nothing is really given away right the way through until nearly the end. Very well written book, and very entertaining. Definitely recommended!

by Pat Barber

A real tale of intrigue which keeps you page turning and guessing till the end.

by Lindsey Barry

A real page turner which keeps you guessing till the end.

by Lindsey

I was gripped as soon as I read the first chapter and couldn’t put this book down. The developing relationship between Edward and Abby is extremely well written, as is their interaction with the other characters. Many times I thought I knew who Edward and Abby shouldn’t be trusting and nearly as many times I found that I was wrong! A thoroughly good story with a satisfying ending – or is it really the end? I’m hoping there is more to come. Highly recommended.

by Kath Fry

I loved it. A gripping read, this story hits the ground running, a thrilling page-turner that keeps pace right to the finish. The people and places come alive on the page. Hard to put down, it’s the kind of book that I couldn’t wait to pick back up again. Great!!

by G Morris

Such a great thriller! Really kept me guessing who to trust from start to finish making want to read ‘just one more chapter’! Really enjoyed it!

by Jade King

Edward is just in time to save a neighbor, Abby, from being killed by a train. Her husband had recently died Abby (only in her 20's) befriends Edward, (in his 40's. He cannot tell her why he has retired so young since the Secret Service has anonymity.He does tell Abby that he did some military service. Gradually, the two become more than friends. Abby shares that her husband was in the military service, too. A photograph is slid under the door at Edward's place. After some searching, Edward and Abby find out that it is a photo from the 60's of Judith, a section lead when he joined the forces.

More communication is brought to Edward's house via a caretaker at an assisted living home. She is soon shot dead.
Now, since Edward is a suspect in her death, he's on the run. He is also aware that he is being followed.' Eventually he takes Abby with him as they are "together" and she is a clever woman.

Sebastian, an old friend from the military, gives Edward names and some information concerning a project. Meanwhile, Abby goes missing and Sebastian (with 2 of Edward's hackers) goes to a friend's cottage to try to find Abby and to figure out why and who is following Edward.

A great read! The characters have you guessing and the plotline continues to build as the reader gets deeper into the suspense.

HIGHLY recommend for fiction readers of all genres!

by Janice

Thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel by Sandy Jones. I was thrown off the scent of the true culprit. A nice gentle spy thriller; a perfect read for the dark winter months.

by Joanne Stewart

I enjoyed my experience with Edward and Abby, I don't feel like I have gotten to know either of them very well, but they entertained me for our few hours together. This was a fast-paced thriller. There was quite a bit of intrigue and I was never sure who (if anyone) I should trust.

Being unfamiliar with British Intelligence and the general geography in this book, I may not have gotten as much out of this read as another reader. However, I did find myself wrapped up in the intrigue as Edward and Abby moved through their region and investigated the super secret plans of some in the espionage world.

I would have liked to see the characters more fully explored. I felt I couldn't keep all of Edward's former colleagues straight and never trusted any of them. But for a debut novel, that may have been part of keeping the reader guessing.

There were some convenient coincidences to make Edward and Abby's experiences more comfortable. Anyone have a couple of spare houses and cars just laying around? It is a different life than mine, but I found it a bit unlikely at times.

Still, this was an interesting adventure into a conspiracy that was tightly drawn. I would recommend this story to others and would happily get better acquainted with the main pair and their future exploits.

by Kate

I was impressed by this book and even more so when I learned that it was a debut. Well done. I was interested throughout and really couldn't wait to learn the outcome. It's filled with suspense and I really couldn't predict how the story would unfold. I thought on a number of occasions that I'd figured it all out only to be proven wrong again and again. All of the twists and turns were well thought out. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward already to a second instalment involving Abby and Edward.

by Clara

I really enjoy a book that can take me on an adventure and trick me into thinking that I had figured out the story but then twists and keeps me guessing. I was led to believe that what I thought at first was wrong but did indeed turn out to be true. It was a very entertaining read I enjoyed while thunderstorms swept through my area over a really wet weekend.

by NetGalley review

Sandy Jones

Sandy has arrived late to the world of publishing, having written quietly for years. She lives in Wiltshire in an old money pit of a house with her husband and Jack Russell, Roo. Over the years jobs have included being an assistant auditor for NHS (hated), a bicycle shop manager (fun at times), MoD training manager & trainer (not so bad), export manager for military equipment (so so), 'on the railway' working for GWR (interesting) and finally part time House Guide for beautiful local attraction (enjoying). She intends to go into old age roaring, with the philosophy that 'you're not dead till the nails are hammered into your coffin'. Sandy hopes to carry on learning something new every day.

Sandy Jones

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