Sandy Jones

I'm at the stage of my life where I can do what I like. My main commitment is my grandchild and my dog Roo who like his walks in the Wiltshire countryside. Don't write me off as boring though. I have a wealth of stories to tell and plenty of life experiences to draw from. I lived in Dorset, Gloucestershire and Birmingham before settling in Wiltshire. Several careers including running a cycle shop, working for the MoD and the railway gave me lots of inspiration for my writing. Before publishing my first novel The Mulholland Files with Matador I spent years as a 'hobby' writer trying my hand at short stories and poetry before settling for novel writing. My inspiration comes from what I find in everyday life, snippets of conversation, news items, personal experience and more lately family history. My second novel Ghost At The Table is available as an ebook and a third is already in the planning process.

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