Troubador Tomorrow is Another Life

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800462731

Format: Paperback

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Tomorrow is Another Life


Tomorrow is Another Life is a thrilling, satirical adventure story, which takes you into an African wonderland called Mutabe where nothing makes sense and the truth reinvents itself daily, if not more often. 

Leon, a 30 year old Mutabese refrigeration engineer, was brought to the UK as a baby by his aid worker parents. He’s just been left by his partner. He’s broke. He’s lost his job, he’s lost his furniture and he’s about to lose his flat. A knock on the door heralds an unexpected visitor; the immaculately dressed Mr Bankole. Bankole tells Leon that his adoptive parents were British agents who kidnapped him, and that he is, in fact, the grandson of Chief Onagaku, leader of the Tribal Lands, and first president of Mutabe after independence from the British. Now Mutabe is suffering under the yoke of the despotic Oblanga. The people are primed to revolt and free themselves. All they need is a figurehead. All they need is Leon. 

Bankole asks Leon to accompany him back to Mutabe without delay. Bankole doesn’t know it, but there could be a problem. Leon is gay and homosexuality is a capital offence in Mutabe.

'The Code is a vivid and compelling literary thriller that balances emotional tension, physical action and internal growth.' Kevin MacNeil, poet, playwright and author of 'The Brilliant and Forever','Stornaway Way' and 'A Method Actor's Guide to Jekyll and Hyde'

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Nick Thripp

Lived in India, Philippines, UK.

MA, English: Cambridge University

MA, Creative Writing (Distinction): Kingston University, London.

Short story and poetry prize winner.

Fellow, Charted Institute of Personnel & Development

Formerly HR Director of Global Organisation

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