Troubador Shade of Violet

Released: 28/10/2022

ISBN: 9781803132990

Format: Paperback

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Shade of Violet


It is 2017 and in England Violet Bellamy is surprised to find herself a ghost because, as a rational person, she doesn’t believe in them. After a life of timid conformity, she now wants influence. She also wants to complicate the lives of people with a supreme sense of entitlement, empty charm and unshakeable self-belief, like her local MP and rising star politician Maximus Biggs-Dickson. And care manager Verena Crookham, a ruthless seductress who will despatch her sweet-natured stepson, Callum, to keep their posh house for herself.

A Back to Great Britannia campaign has been thrust upon the British, to the alarm of those on the other side of the Channel. There, in Belgium specifically, beautiful journalist Adela Gentissart is writing an article: Integrity and power – impossible bedfellows? She has Minister Maximus Biggs-Dickson in her sights as an interesting subject for research. Events align and it will take the interference of someone with nothing to lose to bring them all to a head.

Can Violet save Callum from his murderous stepmother, and can she check the rise to power of charmer extraordinaire Maximus Biggs-Dickson before it’s too late?

This fast-paced quirky mystery story takes a wry swipe at commanding characters with dangerous charisma.

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