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Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789016499

eISBN: 9781789019414

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Keeping Them Off The Streets

A Youth Work Story


Keeping Them Off The Streets is a remarkable account of over forty years’ experience in the field of youth work. It recounts not just personal experience but also reflects on the policy changes that have accompanied successive governments and new developments in sociological research, their efficacy and implications. It tracks Tim Caley’s career from Sheffield housing estate through the challenges of delivering a successful youth service at a County Level, the world of the Ofsted inspector, and finally a much sought-after private consultant in the youth services field. 

The book provides a new and original perspective on its subject matter. It combines sound research and intellectual analysis with a personal memoir of the issues facing teenagers, then and now.  It is a mixture of policy, personality and practice.  Its author writes from the prism of wide personal experience: as a teacher, youth club leader, detached youth worker, County Youth Officer, Ofsted inspector, management consultant and government special adviser. But the book is not an academic study: it fills a gap in the literature between university academic-led policy essays and theories and the many disparate publications on local practice or organisational history. It is hugely readable - using humour, anecdote and characters to illuminate its messages. Its aim is to inspire, challenge and remind its audience of the benefits and continued importance of work with young people. It is thought-provoking, easy-to-read yet written with eloquence and passion throughout.

Praise for Keeping Them off the Streets

Engaging and highly informative; the book covers key youth work debates that students, academics and practitioners grapple with including policy, professionalisation and perceptions of the young. Highly compelling - it draws you in from the first page!
(Dr. Naomi Thompson, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London)

Very good - there are few, if any, similar works that link personal practice with the wider policy arena as this does. The material on detached work and the rare section on inspection practices are especially valuable.
(Tom Wylie, Chief Executive, National Youth Agency 1995-2007)

Concise, engaging and beautifully written - an important addition to the literature.
(Tania de St. Croix, Senior Lecturer, King's College, London)

I read it avidly - thought-provoking and in an easy to read format. I think it will be a good read for student youth workers, especially with a view to keeping the youth work flame alight. (Lucy Hill, Youth Work manager, Sussex)

A stimulating on-the-ground insider's insights into youth policies and developments over forty years. Enjoyable and highly informative - we have far too few contributions like this to our youth work literature. (Bernard Davies, author of the History of the Youth Service)

The book is topical and timely - hopefully its messages will speak to policy makers, civil servants and government.
(Dr. Jane Melvin, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton)

Quite an achievement...warm, insightful and presents an informed and observational reflection on a tremendous career, alongside the twists and turns of youth work over the past forty five years. The insights and anecdotes are fabulous - it's what gives the book authenticity and accessibility. A good story, told well - with important messages that deserve to be heard. (Dr. Mark Price, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton)

A real story with a level of veracity and authenticity that others often lack. The anecdotes are warmly written, highlighting the passion and strong value base the author obviously has for youth work. Indeed, few youth workers possess the author's 'grassroots to government' profile. There is a role model here for youth workers to aspire to, learn from and shape their own professional development.
(Mick Conroy, Course Leader: Youth & Community Work, University of South Wales)

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Tim Caley

Tim Caley was a teacher and youth worker in Sheffield in the 1970s, became County Youth officer in both Hampshire and West Sussex and was also an Ofsted youth work inspector. He later joined the private sector and became a much sought after consultant for youth services and charities. Recently, he has enjoyed being a trustee for KeepOut, a crime diversion scheme in Surrey and Motiv8, a young people's charity in Portsmouth. He is now based in Hampshire.

Tim Caley

Keeping Them off the Streets
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