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The Ultimate Guide to Audiobooks

Are you looking to learn all you need to know about audiobooks?

Audiobooks are the fastest growing sector of the book market and, as consumption of audiobooks grows, so will the expectation of there being an audio version available alongside a printed book and ebook.

In this free guide, we've included everything an author needs to know about the world of audiobooks, including what they are, why an author should consider one, how they can go about producing one, the various ways in which people can access audiobooks, how you can reach those routes through distribution... and more.

This guide is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of audiobooks or considering the production of one for their book.

What's in the guide?

In the guide you will find:

  • What is an audiobook?
  • Why should an author consider an audiobook?
  • The importance of professional production
  • Creating your audiobook - where to begin
  • How to best market and distribute your audiobook
  • Publishing an audiobook with Troubador - the process and costs

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