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Why Work At Troubador
We are a creative and passionate team bringing over 500 books and ebooks from manuscript to market and beyond every year. Now with a team of 24, everyone from the Directors down work together to get things done.

‘Friendly’, ‘fun’, ‘family like’ are some of the words staff have used to describe working here, if that sounds like somewhere you’d like to be, then take a look at the different departments before applying and see if you have the skills and mindset to join us


Customer Services
Customer service is the bedrock of what we do, and excellent customer service is a given if you want to work in this department! Our customer service team are the first point of contact for all our customers. They have excellent company knowledge, unparalleled interpersonal skills and are super organised. The team work across such varied jobs as quotes and enquiries, general customer assistance and help, events organising (we host an annual publishing conference and many smaller events across the year for authors) to contracts and submissions. As well as organising customer service training for all Troubador staff.


Emily and Hannah Dakin

HANNAH: I am the Customer Services Assistant at Troubador — coming from a customer service background, I was really attracted to the high level of customer service that Troubador are known for. I felt immediately welcome the minute I walked through the door on my first day. The staff are like one big (book loving!) family and working with such a close-knit bunch of people really makes working day life enjoyable. Speaking of family, Troubador welcomed my sister, Emily, to the company in 2017. Emily joined the customer service team as Receptionist, and during her time in this role gained a lot of knowledge, which then saw her promoted to Customer Service and Marketing Administrator in 2019— hard work pays off! I am extremely lucky to work for a company that really cares about their staff — whether this is a well-being week to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week, or an event outside of work for all staff to enjoy. Troubador’s attention to their staff is second to none, and I am very grateful to be a part of the team.

EMILY: I joined Troubador as Receptionist. With my sister already working here, I knew the company had a lot to offer. I quickly felt like I fitted right in, and I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming team to work with. We are a really close team, family I would say. Everybody supports each other, in or outside of work. We have lots of events organised by staff and directors, something the team love as there is always something to look forward to. Staff ideas and input are always welcome as it’s a company that really cares and listens to our wants and needs. I was recently promoted to a new role, bridging customer services and marketing, a progression that was important to me.


Our biggest depth, the Production team are creative geniuses who turn a manuscript into a book. The varied roles can involve cover design, text design, typesetting, text amends and editing… the one thing they all have in common is a passion for quality and a love of making fantastic books. Our productioneers are multitaskers – seamlessly handling multiple authors and projects simultaneously but still offering excellent customer service. Using software such as Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, they are resourceful, enthusiastic and supportive, working in a close knit team. The role demands excellent English language skills and a good eye for detail.


Joshua Howey

JOSH: I am a Production Assistant in the Production Department. Prior to working at Troubador, I spent my time writing and editing articles for an online news website, as well as dealing with the layout for each of them. This set me up perfectly for my role here, where I design page layouts and work with text. Although I thought I was applying for more of an editorial position (which is still part of my work), being thrown into a more design-based position was a blessing, as I've enjoyed every minute. The skills I've picked up and continue to develop are now opening new doors for me in design that, as someone who barely knew how to hold a paintbrush, never thought possible. Since arriving I've felt like an integral part of the team thanks to how welcoming everyone has been, and how quickly I got stuck into the work. Every member of staff would drop whatever they were doing to help in and instant, because everyone shares the same goals. I couldn’t be more proud to be included among them.


Digital Services
The digital team handle all ebooks, audiobook production and also take the lead on the company podcast (The Self Publishing Experience). Cheerfully they pick up the baton from the production team and convert books into digital products. Another close knit team, they are a tenacious bunch in tracking down that elusive bit of errant code to making the ebook flow. They are also creative, designing covers for ebooks, working on the marketing and promotion of digital products, getting books into promotions and sourcing reviews, as well as handling the distriubtion and metadata of all products and, even perhaps recording and editing Podcast interviews. Customer focussed, the digital team are always smiling no matter which task they are prioritizing.


Megan Lockwood-Jones

I joined the Troubador family in September 2013 as Receptionist, and stayed in that role for two years. I had an extremely varied role helping out all departments, mainly the warehouse and ebook teams, and even got my forklift truck driving license so that I could help the growing distribution side of the company! As Receptionist, I was the first contact for authors, so my knowledge of the publishing developed hugely. I then had the opportunity to join the ebook team, becoming an Ebook Production Controller, with my main focus on ebook conversion. I was trained to design covers and had many opportunities to represent the company at events, such as the London Book Fair and the Self-Publishing Conference – which I still enjoy doing today. In 2017 I was promoted to head of the Ebook Department, and have since become our Digital Services Manager, looking after a team of three with responsibility for all digital products – including audiobooks, ebooks and the company podcast. I am also proud to be one of the company’s Mental Health First Aiders and work closely with Operations Director, Jane, and Production Manager, Chelsea, to ensure we keep wellbeing firmly on the agenda.


As you would expect the Marketing dept work their magic in the sales and promotion of our books, offering a wide range of marketing services. From writing smashing copy, to designing point of sale materials, the marketers are adaptable, multi-taskers who switch between speaking to journalists and authors and bookshops, producing marketing plans or designing a pull up banner for an event effortlessly. With excellent English, a passion for promotion and customer centric approach they work their arts on anything that will market the book. This team produces the in-house catalogues and are the public face of the company at publishing and author events


Warehousing and Distribution
Last, but definitely not least, the warehouse. Without the warehouse, those beautiful books we produce upstairs would never see the light of day. The warehouse team make sure books arrive where they need to go – where ever that might be in the world. From goods inwards to pallets of books going to Amazon going out, the warehouse team serve both authors and our bookshop customers. Adaptability, the desire to do a job well, excellent customer service and problem solving sum up the warehouse team as they go about the task of keeping the stock in our 2 warehouses moving.


Wellbeing at Troubador
We support staff with a wellbeing program – having three mental health champions who regularly bring the team together for wellbeing events and days. We encourage a sense of community – and social events range from bake offs, space hopper racing, roller skating, dinners … we’ve done it all!