Troubador TUMPH

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838590154

Format: Hardback

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It’s been raining for two long weeks and Georgie’s best friend, Sophie, is away on holiday with her family leaving him lonely and bored, when something unexpected happens.

Georgie meets Tumph, a pear-shaped, small creature with two short arms, mitton-shaped hands, bright button eyes and seven hairs on his pointed head. He’s a letterbug, and he’s never met a human before. At first it would seem that they have little in common, but as time goes by, their friendship grows they find that this is far from true...

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V A Morrison

I was born in Portsmouth and my father was in the Army so I spent my childhood in Germany and Malaya. On leaving school, I went to Portsmouth Art College and then trained as a teacher. On marrying, I moved to the West Country where I still live to this day.

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