Troubador The Wacky Wizard Wars

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590260

eISBN: 9781838599553

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Wacky Wizard Wars

Madcap Wicked Wizards and Witches Star in a Comedy Hit


A power-mad High Born witch forms a new army of wacky wizards and witches who lost the last war. It’s a tough job. This brainless bunch prefers to guzzle gibber juice and clobber each other rather than follow orders.

To boost her army, the witch ensnares covens of modern-day witches, who are innocent, ordinary folk. But Mortor, the worst High Born wizard, reappears and snatches her leadership. Desperate to share power, the witch lures Mortor into a farcical ceremony that ties these two High Borns together for eternity.

Mortor and the grumpy gang set off to wallop the highly advanced good witches and wizards, who keep trouncing them instead. Meanwhile, the smart side are producing a film about the ‘Great Wizard Wars’. But young witches and wizards starring in the film are in the very spot where the wicked warmongers land. Some are trapped. Can their friends rescue them and change the course of this Wacky Wizard War?

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Maxine Alan-Hart, the co-author of The Wacky Wizard Wars, is being interviewed on Huntingdon Community Radio 104 FM in the UK at 11.25 GMT on Tuesday 17 September.

Tune in to hear her humorous accounts of animals that she has met as a vet and now feature in her stories for children.
The Wacky Wizard Wars features one such character, an African Great parrot named Batty Bird.

Children will love the wacky magical world she has created and mingled with crazy creatures to amuse them with their antics and keep them wanting to read more.

A delightfully inspiring young writer, Maxine Alan-Hart, has joined me in writing the sequel to The Great Wizard Wars.
She is a vet with a wicked sense of humour which shines through in The Wacky Wizard Wars.
Maxine will also co-write the third book in this series. Each can be read as a stand-alone.

See Maxine's website for details of her other work in progress where she draws upon her experiences of animals she has encountered as a vet.

If you missed this, catch up with Maxine's radio interview on TRE Talk Radio Europe which was on the BOOK SHOW on 31st July at 6-7 pm where she discussed her up and coming book based on animals she has encountered as a vet.
Hear some interesting and unexpected anecdotes about working with another author!
It's available for 7 days.

This book was an enjoyable and straightforward read. It is a great book for early readers with an adorable cast of characters. I particularly liked Gnashers and Suskins and their home. Having them originate in Africa was a fun addition to the story that I didn’t expect and enjoyed exploring immensely.

I did think this book was fairly simple. It was fun, but did not really have much depth to it otherwise. The Wizard world felt a little generic, and some of the characters seemed to blend together quite a bit. This is the second book in a series, and though it can be read alone, I don’t know if I missed any world building or character development in the first book that could have added something to this one.

That said, I think the film aspect of this book was a nice addition. I think younger readers would have a great time with how this book progresses. It is paced nicely to keep attention and move the story along before a younger audience would lose focus. The conclusion was satisfying, with enough left to make room for future stories in this world.

by Megan

A cute and entertaining read, well written and engrossing.
The cast of characters is interesting and fleshed out, the world building original and the plot flow.

by Anna

I really enjoyed this book, it was special to read as it was by a local author. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and my favorite character was Fango because I enjoyed learning about his whole life. This book was at about the same level as Harry Potter. By Freddie, aged 9.

by Freddie

This is the second book of the Wacky Wizard War - a quick summary is written first so if you have not read the first one. Do not worry as you will be up to date in a few pages.

The great war has ended, the dark lord defeated. As the good wizards live in peace and create a film. A power mad witch is planning a takeover. She stumbles across a coven of modern day ordinary folk witches who she snares into her web. However the expected happen when the dark lord Mortor rises and takes away the leadership.

Who will win in the war of good versus evil?

The start of the book launched straight into the action of what happened. I found it exciting and the language was easy to read. Every now and then a sketch would pop up which was nicely.

The story is easy to follow and I can see plenty of children being engaged in this book :)

by Louise

I loved this just as much as book 1!
I’m aware this is a middle grade book (7-11 uk) but as a 37 year old I really enjoyed it too.
It stayed true to book one and didn’t create a whole new scenario which I appreciated and wizzo is fabulous with his creations.
I’d have loved to have seen more of gnasher and his girlfriend- especially how he’s coping with her!

by Lisa

Obtained this book for my 11 year old granddaughter. Unfortunately, neither of us could get interested enough in the book to be able to finish it.
Despite not getting our interest, I would say that the book is very well written and just because it did not appeal to us does not mean that others wouldn't find it fascinating and immensely readable.

by Nigel Greaves

Another great book from this author. The story is written well and captures the young reader immediately. I liked the fact that a moral message is going on, which readers can take onboard. Good food for thought for kids!. Very creative writing with great characters and lots of humour.

by Isabelle

What a great book for young people and older, couldn’t put it down. Funny exciting great read

by Lesley Hudson

The Wacky Wizard Wars is a very humorous frolic through fantastic worlds where creative children, legendary creatures and the principles of good and moral deeds weave into a captivating story from start to finish. A wonderful journey through unexpected adventures, evoking lots of funny images to entertain youngsters and adults alike!

by Nikki

This book is a quite simple yet entertaining story for young readers. I personally very much enjoy middle-grade books, and this book is a nice introduction to the fantasy genre.

by Lotte

What a fantastic read. Even as an adult I was sucked in right from the start. Would highly recommend for children - it's wonderful to see a book encouraging them to venture into this exciting imaginary world. What a perfect escape into creativity, magical powers and endless possibilities.

by Jack Jackson

Christina Clarry


Born in Kenya,

Schooled in England

B.Sc.(hons) degree in Scotland.

A research biologist in game areas of central Africa.

A junior and high school teacher in South Africa.

A lecturer in the U.K.

And now ... a writer in Guernsey


Born in the UK

Schooled in South Africa & UK

Veterinary degree - Bristol University

An interest in exotic animals.

A career as a vet for 13 years both in the UK and abroad.

Currently writing in the UK during a career break.

See Maxine's website for news of her books

AUTHOR Christina Clarry

AUTHOR Maxine Alan-Hart
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