Troubador The Wacky Wizard Wars

Released: 28/07/2019

eISBN: 9781838599553

Format: eBook

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The Wacky Wizard Wars

Madcap Wicked Wizards and Witches Star in a Comedy Hit


A power-mad High Born witch forms a new army of wacky wizards and witches who lost the last war. It’s a tough job. This brainless bunch prefers to guzzle gibber juice and clobber each other rather than follow orders.

To boost her army, the witch ensnares covens of modern-day witches, who are innocent, ordinary folk. But Mortor, the worst High Born wizard, reappears and snatches her leadership. Desperate to share power, the witch lures Mortor into a farcical ceremony that ties these two High Borns together for eternity.

Mortor and the grumpy gang set off to wallop the highly advanced good witches and wizards, who keep trouncing them instead. Meanwhile, the smart side are producing a film about the ‘Great Wizard Wars’. But young witches and wizards starring in the film are in the very spot where the wicked warmongers land. Some are trapped. Can their friends rescue them and change the course of this Wacky Wizard War?

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Maxine Alan-Hart, the co-author of The Wacky Wizard Wars, is being interviewed on Huntingdon Community Radio 104 FM in the UK at 11.25 GMT on Tuesday 17 September.

Tune in to hear her humorous accounts of animals that she has met as a vet and now feature in her stories for children.
The Wacky Wizard Wars features one such character, an African Great parrot named Batty Bird.

Children will love the wacky magical world she has created and mingled with crazy creatures to amuse them with their antics and keep them wanting to read more.

A delightfully inspiring young writer, Maxine Alan-Hart, has joined me in writing the sequel to The Great Wizard Wars.
She is a vet with a wicked sense of humour which shines through in The Wacky Wizard Wars.
Maxine will also co-write the third book in this series. Each can be read as a stand-alone.

See Maxine's website for details of her other work in progress where she draws upon her experiences of animals she has encountered as a vet.

If you missed this, catch up with Maxine's radio interview on TRE Talk Radio Europe which was on the BOOK SHOW on 31st July at 6-7 pm where she discussed her up and coming book based on animals she has encountered as a vet.
Hear some interesting and unexpected anecdotes about working with another author!
It's available for 7 days.

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Christina Clarry


Born in Kenya,

Schooled in England

B.Sc.(hons) degree in Scotland.

A research biologist in game areas of central Africa.

A junior and high school teacher in South Africa.

A lecturer in the U.K.

And now ... a writer in Guernsey


Born in the UK

Schooled in South Africa & UK

Veterinary degree - Bristol University

An interest in exotic animals.

A career as a vet for 13 years both in the UK and abroad.

Currently writing in the UK during a career break.

See Maxine's website for news of her books

AUTHOR Christina Clarry

AUTHOR Maxine Alan-Hart
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