Troubador The Pika and the Pink Mountain

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789017984

Format: Paperback

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The Pika and the Pink Mountain


Pikas are small animals with big round ears, long whiskers and very loud whistles. Kinnikinnick is a pika who lives in the Canadian Rockies and dreams of a pink mountain with wings of ice. What can he do but set out to search for it! In his adventures he meets animal friends and foes and deals with the fatal tragedy of a friend. After spending the long winter underground in a pika community, he starts out in spring with a new friend. Then Kinnikinnick nearly drowns in a river, joins the search for a lost caribou calf and wonders if he will ever find the pink mountain. There is a happy ending!

Issues of loss and tragedy as well as high adventure and friendship are dealt with, accompanied by illustrations of animals that will be both familiar and new to children (caribou, pikas, grizzly bears and marmots). Aimed at 7 - 11 year olds, this is a fictional tale that will capture the young readers’ minds as well as hearts.

As a parent, I really enjoyed learning about different animals in the Rockies and discovering the landscape described in the book. The illustrations are just beautiful and are a wonderful addition to the story. My children loved the drawings and their style really suited the story. We enjoyed exploring the characters together and the highs and lows were a great source of discussion. A brilliant story that was tenderly told. We have so much love for Kinnikinnick!
Eva (aged 8 loved this book and enjoyed that there were lots of animals to learn about. There were some sad bits but there are lots of good parts too. This book shows you that you should always follow your dreams.
Isaac (aged 6) I really liked the characters and all the animals especially the grizzly bear. I was really proud of Kinnikinnick for getting to the end of the adventure.

by Liz, Eva, and Isaac

The characters of the animals became so real and appealing that I soon became engrossed in both the adventures and encounters that Kinnikinnick had on his amazing journey. i enjoyed the way the author used the flora and fauna of this beautiful area of Canada as names for her characters and I learned a lot.
My grandchildren loved the book and at the end of a chapter when I said, "We'll find out what happened in the next chapter." They said, "No, no, Grandma, don't stop, keep on reading!"

by Elizabeth Willett

I liked it when Kinnickinnick found the Pink mountain because he was happy.
I liked the part where they found the caribou calf, Glacier Lily.

by Seth Holdaway Willett

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