Young children

The Misadventures of Poor Barry

by Maryann Grove
Released: 28th May, 2024

A fun story written in verse, packed with engaging full-page illustrations and tells the story of accident-prone Poor Barry and his calamitous disasters. The story teaches children the value of kindness and friendship.

Full synopsis

Dive into the wacky world of accident-prone Poor Barry in this fun-filled, rhyming story book, interweaved with relatable characters and heart-warming themes that children nine years and over can easily resonate with. Poor Barry does not just attract calamity – it seems to chase him everywhere he goes – although going on a school rock-climbing trip with both legs already in traction was perhaps asking for trouble.

As misfortunes pile up, it is left to his friends to rescue him from his zany teacher’s reckless ideas, as the adults around them are as hilariously clueless as Poor Barry himself.

To double the fun, The Misadventures of Poor Barry is jam packed with lively, inventive rhyming and full-page, comical illustrations, bringing the engaging story and its entertaining characters to life.

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