Troubador The Island of Animaux

Released: 28/05/2020

ISBN: 9781838593353

eISBN: 9781838597894

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Island of Animaux


Imagine an island that shouldn’t exist. A very strange place that has never been discovered by humans and that is populated only by speaking animals, very few of whom know about the bigger world beyond. An island that somehow changes its position on the planet each day, to prevent it from being found. Welcome to the Island of Animaux!

And welcome to five different but connected tales of Aubrey the Turkey and his pals. Stories of all shapes and sizes, with large slices of fun and even bigger portions of naughtiness. See Aubrey get his comeuppance at the fair, have a disaster when he tries to open a zoo, visit a vampire and stumble across Clifford Platypus, try to win a singing competition and then fall madly in love, at least until Walli Hog arrives. See Georgina the Goat despair at Aubrey’s behaviour. Watch as Wesley the Weasel makes the turkey an offer he shouldn’t refuse. See Clifford have fun in making Aubrey do terrible things. And join in with Aubrey and Clifford as they are mesmerised by Walli’s tale of her lucky escape.

Please enjoy the stories. And don’t be afraid to laugh, particularly at Aubrey’s expense. But please, please, please - remember to keep the latest position of the island top secret!

The Island of Animaux will be published on 28 May 2020.

Children will love it, as I suspect will adults if they read it to their kids! I think the Island of Animaux is the start of something really big, creating characters that will stay in children’s minds for decades to come! Long live Aubrey, Clifford, Walli and all their friends!

by Jo

What a good, totally unique book. Short, funny and original stories involving a rather moody turkey and his chums. The characters are all very well described and I can see people I know in some of them! :-) Kids will really like the book. Each story consists of 3 scenes. I haven't seen this done before and it makes the story appear more like a play. But a minor point, otherwise excellent.

by Graham J

Milo McGivern

Milo McGivern is the writing name for Steve Humphries. Steve has spent many years working in finance. He has travelled extensively although is most happy when he is at home in Berkshire. Steve enjoys casual story writing and the Island of Animaux tales were first imagined over 30 years ago.

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