Troubador The Guinea Pig Chronicles

Released: 28/01/2023

ISBN: 9781803135236

Format: Hardback

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The Guinea Pig Chronicles


Do you ever wonder about your pets and what adventures they may get up to? What they might experience when you're not around? And, finally, where you'd be without them?

The Guinea Pig Chronicles is based on the lives and adventures of six real life guinea pigs, owned by the author and her family over a period of twenty years.

Fluffy was a brave explorer, and rescued his friend from the jungle garden. Hamish was beautiful, but very unlucky. What he experienced shows how brave he was as well. A sore eye, sunstroke and toothache meant he got to know the vet very well! Jynesse was named after a well-known health drink, and ‘narrowly escaped’ becoming a celebrity. Winter and her friend experienced snow for the first time - and met Father Christmas! Autumn was a born mother and fulfilled her destiny by meeting handsome Valentino. Two became seven after the arrival of five beautiful baby guinea pigs. Stripey was one of Autumn’s babies and stayed with Autumn when the other babies found new homes. Finally, Stripey was special because she was the ‘last one’.

Each of the stories also shows how, when caring for a pet, human beings learn some valuable and important lessons. With charming illustrations by Katie John to accompany the stories, The Guinea Pig Chronicles is perfect for 7 - 9 year olds or anybody who loves guinea pigs!

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