Troubador The Great Wizard Wars

Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785898358

eISBN: 9781785897252

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The Great Wizard Wars


In the far distant past, two mighty forces clashed in the first Great Wizard War. It was a battle of good against evil! A Golden Army against a Dark Army!

The Great Wizard Wars is an exciting tale of the wars between good and evil armies of wizards and witches, which is ideal for fans of fantasy stories aged 7-11 years. Modern wizards and witches are leading extraordinary lives, going about their day-to-day business in a peaceful manner, hidden from the rest of the world. Breaking the ancient truce that was reached after the first war, a Dark Army rises once again, intent on destroying these descendants of its old foe.

The backward, outrageous, evil wizards and witches launch their attack with outmoded weapons and mystical creatures that they cannot control while they fight amongst themselves for power in a frankly mind-boggling manner. As good and evil forces clash once again, four young wizards and witches find themselves in perilous situations. In a twist of fate they are forced into an unexpected showdown.

Written in a style reflective of Roald Dahl, Christina Clarry’s writing is brimming with gross humour, from the revolting smell of the characters to their foul and wacky habits. Full of ferocious dragons, unpredictable zilants and a zany snake, The Great Wizard Wars is sure to capture the imagination of young readers looking for an exciting and humorous fantasy story.

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Maxine Alan-Hart, the co-author of The Wacky Wizard Wars, is being interviewed on Huntingdon Community Radio 104 FM in the UK at 11.25 GMT on Tuesday 17 September.

Tune in to hear her humorous accounts of animals that she has met as a vet and now feature in her stories for children.
The Wacky Wizard Wars features one such character, an African Great parrot named Batty Bird.

Children will love the wacky magical world she has created and mingled with crazy creatures to amuse them with their antics and keep them wanting to read more.

A delightfully inspiring young writer, Maxine Alan-Hart, has joined me in writing the sequel to The Great Wizard Wars.
She is a vet with a wicked sense of humour which shines through in The Wacky Wizard Wars.
Maxine will also co-write the third book in this series. Each can be read as a stand-alone.

See Maxine's website for details of her other work in progress where she draws upon her experiences of animals she has encountered as a vet.

If you missed this, catch up with Maxine's radio interview on TRE Talk Radio Europe which was on the BOOK SHOW on 31st July at 6-7 pm where she discussed her up and coming book based on animals she has encountered as a vet.
Hear some interesting and unexpected anecdotes about working with another author!
It's available for 7 days.

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Female First

That's Christmas

A really enjoyable read – I would recommend this book for younger children (younger than 12 years), and their parents!
The author combines the modern world with a magical world of witches, wizards and mythical and magical creatures. This combination truly opens up the imagination to endless possibilities, with lots of interesting characters throughout the book. With a wicked sense of humour and plot twists, the book entertains from the first page to the last.
Really looking forward to the next instalment to read more about the exciting adventures of the four witches and wizards and their magical friends!

by Virginia Fisher

As I don`t usually read this type of story it took me a few pages to imagine the setting. However, once I got into it, I fully understood and found it difficult to put down.

by suranne

I read this book before giving it to my 7yr old grand daughter and thought it was very enjoyable and am sure my grandchildren will enjoy the book too. I loved the relationship that formed between the baby dragon and the 'feisty four' children. The book had humour, sensitivity and imagination which will appeal to all children.

by Rena Williams

An enjoyable fantasy which was a pleasure to read, with characters that are believable and engaging. The baddie Cryptor is so vile he makes you want to hiss or boo when his character is to the fore of the plot. Fango, the little dragon, is adorable and will appeal to all children from nine to ninety nine. As with all good tales, good usually prevails.

by Joan

Julia Rose (7) was given this book as a gift whilst on holiday in Guernsey and had the pleasure of meeting the author herself! This spurred her on to read the book herself rather than having it read to her. Her giggles and gasps spoke to an engaging read filled with heroes and heroines she could look up to, villains she clearly despised, and a baby dragon to long for. A highly recommended read!

by Jen Taylor

Christina's fantasy story of wizards and witches is a book for all ages. Even though it felt like a spin off from Harry Potter, her creativity and imagination keeps the reader wanting more. With the craziness of characters you find yourself rolling in laughter especially with Ghnashers - the giant snake. I am saving this book to read to my son who is Autistic in hopes he will enjoy it as much.

by Jennifer Bowers

A fun read that kids who love Roald Dahl and adults who grew up reading him will love.

by Liliyana Shadowlyn

Christina Clarry


Born in Kenya,

Schooled in England

B.Sc.(hons) degree in Scotland.

A research biologist in game areas of central Africa.

A junior and high school teacher in South Africa.

A lecturer in the U.K.

And now ... a writer in Guernsey


Born in the UK

Schooled in South Africa & UK

Veterinary degree - Bristol University

An interest in exotic animals.

A career as a vet for 13 years both in the UK and abroad.

Currently writing in the UK during a career break.

See Maxine's website for news of her books

AUTHOR Christina Clarry

AUTHOR Maxine Alan-Hart
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