Young children

Tales From The Riverbank

by Benjamin Francks
Released: 28th August, 2023
Tales from the riverbank is set in the fictional countryside of Buckington and is a collection of short stories detailing the lives of the riverbank’s inhabitants, focusing on five characters in particular. Each story features a different animal and explores the challenges they face in their environment and relationships.

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Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the fictional countryside of Buckington, down on the quiet and charming riverbank lives a very special set of creatures! The lonesome grasshopper, the know-it-all mouse, the lost dragonfly, the arrogant toad and the venturing newt are all waiting for you to come and share in their stories as they learn life's lessons and experience everyday challenges.

Share in these five richly-woven short stories as each riverbank animal takes his own tale, detailing a journey on how these characters live and how their adventures develop. While they may live separately, they also know when to ask for help and show that you're never truly alone when you have a friend. Ideal for young readers who enjoy Beatrix Potter or The Wind in the Willows, these future classics will be ones you return to again and again.

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