Troubador Snuffleump

Released: 28/01/2023

ISBN: 9781803135373

Format: Paperback

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Trouble at School


Snuffleump loves playing games at school until the hogs start being mean to him.

Can Snuffleump’s friends help and show him how to gain the confidence to deal with the pesky, bullying hogs?

Snuffleump; Trouble at School, is a book that ignites young children’s imagination, as they learn about a lovable character who experiences a challenging time at school. With proven, anti-bullying advice, this is a fun bedtime adventure story which shows how Snuffleump experiences many self-doubting thoughts during his journey but, as the story progresses, new skills and learned resillience are finally realised.

Written by hypnotherapist and life coach Neil Sunley. who has witnessed first hand, the changes an anti-bullying mindset can have on children. An important, early years story, that will give children practical, resilience building ideas and parents a bedtime story that will give their child hope.

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Neil Sunley

Neil Sunley is an award-winning hypnotherapist and life coach. Qualified in 2001, he has helped clients overcome many issues including stress, anxiety and depression. Using this experience, he has now turned to writing children's literature, in the hope of making a positive, empowering impression in developing young minds. He lives in Yorkshire, England with his wife and young children.

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