Troubador Rolo

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785891892

Format: Paperback

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Max lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin: the Whitfield family. Unfortunately the Whitfields are not the loving family that Max desperately wants and deserves. Cruel, bossy and lazy, they love nothing more than ordering him about and making his life a misery. One night, he decides that the time has come – he has had enough of being bossed around. He runs away and heads for the forest, believing that nothing that lives there could ever be as dangerous as the Whitfields. Little does he know that the forest is home to a frightening-looking creature – a nine-foot tall Giant Walpertinger (often called Bigfoot or Sasquatch) named Rolo! Luckily for Max, Rolo’s appearance does not match his kind and gentle nature and the two quickly become firm friends. But Max is a useful asset to the Whitfield family and they will do everything in their power to return him to his life of slavery and deprivation. In spite of their fear of the forest and the creature within it, the Whitfields devise a plan to bring Max home – but will they outwit Rolo, who understands Max’s plight and wants to protect him from them? Rolo is an imaginative tale, reminiscent of stories from authors such as Roald Dahl, that will equally appeal to children aged 5-7 and any grown-ups who might read it to them!

Oxford Mail

Banbury Guardian

Banbury Guardian

Oxford Mail

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was well written with good triumphing in the end. It had everything children enjoy, humour and anticipation of what would happen next. I know my grandchildren will love this book, as I did. I look forward to Lawrence's next book.

by viv rarner

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rolo. It was well written with good triumphing in the end. It had humour and excitement. I know my grandchildren will enjoy reading it too. I look forward to Lawrence's next book.

by viv rayner

Please please can we have more of your fantastic stories. Because you give such in depth descriptions you feel as though the characters are real. I know my twin grandsons would love to read this as they love this fantasy type adventure. You are a very gifted and talented storyteller and I hope this small encouragement helps to release your potential for more.

by Sandy Smith

What a fantastic book. Truly amazing for any child or adult. At the age of 43 I loved it and this will be my 1st grandsons book before he is even born. Looking forward to other books in the future. Extremely well done to the author WOOP WOOP

by Sara Greenland

Recently read this before giving it to my cousin's daughter. Thought it was brilliant and I know she will too! Made me laugh out loud. A lovely story of friendship. Love the butterflies painting everything.

by Jan Fazey

This is a lovely book to read. Well written easy read. Waitng fot the next one.
This guy needs all the credit he can receive.
Good luck Laurence.
Roz Hart x

by Roz Hart

Brilliant read. Sad but funny makes you lol would highly recommend this book by a new and upcoming author.

by Charlotte Iceton

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