Troubador Red and Grey

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800465046

Format: Paperback

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Red and Grey


Oscar and his family arrive in the scenic Nut Forest where they don't know anyone. However, they're very keen for adventure and they become part of a larger red squirrel family. It doesn't take them long to get into the swing of things and Oscar soon falls for the fair Daisy as they all prepare for the winter months ahead.

However, a new enemy is upon them when Hunter, a fierce grey squirrel, and his gang arrive from America and threaten to take their new home. Can Oscar and his fellow red squirrels protect themselves or will help come from an unlikely source? And Hunter isn’t their only problem as nature takes hold and an unseen enemy becomes far more prevalent...

A story of good and bad, sacrifice and love!

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Oliver John

Oliver John is a debut writer and intends to become a primary school teacher. He is currently based in Woking, Surrey, where his novel was written.

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