Troubador Poppy Loves Devon

Released: 28/06/2022

ISBN: 9781803132655

eISBN: 9781803139951

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Poppy Loves Devon

Crazy Cream Adventures


Poppy Loves Devon is the second in the Crazy Cream Adventure Series. Following on from Poppy on Safari, the pampered life of this crazy cream retriever is turned upside-down when she discovers a lost puppy whilst on holiday with her family.

Poppy wants to befriend anything that moves, but she’s never successful. It seems all the other animals find her too big, loud and boisterous. Dad is convinced she needs a playmate, but Poppy’s unsure. She enjoys the fuss and attention from her family so much, she is not willing to share. The choice is taken away from her when one day a puppy comes along.

However, Poppy soon discovers the puppy is lost and alone. Her big heart and caring nature kicks in when she discovers a monster lurking in a nearby wood. Poppy must act fast to save the farm, her family – and the puppy. Meanwhile, a handsome border collie ticks all the boxes as the ‘perfect’ dog – but is he? Poppy Loves Devon follows her pursuit of making friends but not realising what’s under her very nose.

My third book, entitled, POPPY LOVES DEVON, is due for release on 28th June.

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Gillian Young

Gillian Young

Gillian lives in Worcestershire with her family and her crazy golden retrievers. She has owned dogs for over thirty years and they have given her endless inspiration for creating both stories and artwork.

Gillian has enjoyed art and writing stories since her days back in primary school. Following this, she went on to spend three happy years studying at Art College. At the time she had no idea what she wanted as a career. However, she followed her heart and studied what she loved most which were writing and art. Now, she has combined all three of her passions; dogs, writing and drawing into creating stories for others to enjoy.

Gillian Young and her golden girls
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