Troubador Norman Snodgrass Saves the Green Planet

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Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018783

eISBN: 9781838599508

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Norman Snodgrass Saves the Green Planet


Meet Norman. Clumsy and overweight, he spends most of his time trying to avoid being teased by his Poggle classmates. No one would ever have him pegged as a hero. Until now.

When he loses the school pet, Norman reluctantly sets off to find Spong inside the strange Green Planet where rocks move and insects do the weirdest things. Along the way, he meets a mysterious Professor and discovers that deadly perils threaten his world. And it’s not long before this simple rescue mission turns into a dangerous and deadly adventure to protect the entire planet...

Will Norman save the day?

'Norman Snodgrass' is shortlisted for the 2019 Gertrude Warner Book Awards for Middle Grade Readers. These awards 'recognise emerging talent and outstanding works in the genre of middle-grade readers, (...) that compel children to read and explore.' The finalists will be announced in April 2020.
Sue also helps to run a small charity which provides a summer camp for children with special needs and she often writes stories to read around the camp fire. 'Norman Snodgrass and the Pale Blue Dot' is a free short story that can be found at which is currently being produced as a sensory opera for children with special needs.

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We absolutely loved this book! Our daughters cannot get enough of the silly humor inside this novel! Will be read over and over again at our home!

by K Smith

Norman Snodgrass saves the Green Planet by Sue Bough. One of the many joys of reading 1000 books in 1000 days has come from friends who have become authors and have kindly asked me to read their books. So, I have been delighted with the books by David Cassidy, Alun Leppitt, Richard Storry and others. Today, my daughter Emma's and son-in-law Mike's friend sent me her first book, and its wonderful. I could not help imagining seeing the world Sue has created on TV or cinema in animated form. The Green Planet may be different to our own, but there are enough parallels to see there are more lines of connection than you first realise. It's got a good plot which taps into children's concerns for the environment, well-developed quirky and memorable characters, with nice, gentle touches of humour. I particularly liked the creative use of acronyms. Norman may be an unlikely hero - clumsy, overweight and always falling over - but I hope to see more of him and I anticipate this book being the first of many. A delight and a joy.

by Anjali

Sue Bough

Sue Bough lives in leafy North West London with her husband Charlie. After completing a Degree in Education, she spent a short time teaching in the UK and Paris before beginning a career in aviation. When not writing about blue creatures from distant planets, she can be found teaching non-technical skills to commercial airline pilots.

Norman Snodgrass Saves the Green Planet is the first in a series of adventures about this unlikely hero. In it, Sue combines her passions for stargazing, science and the environment to encourage children (and adults!) to look up to the stars and begin to wonder...

Sue Bough - Author of the 'Norman Snodgrass' series

Norman Snodgrass Meets Cressida Cowell!
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