Troubador Mr Scribbley

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784624354

Format: Paperback

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Mr Scribbley


Mr Scribbley is the first in a series of books, which step into his magical, topsy-turvy world full of muddled adventure! Mr Scribbley is a road designer who only understands spaghetti-like thinking. He attempts to design a road to link Doodle Village and Straight Line Hamlet. He has won many awards, but only for roads he has designed in the land of Squiggle Doodle. The people of Straight Line Hamlet have a very different way of thinking to the people in Doodle Village, they only think in a straight, up and down fashion – this is going to be his biggest challenge so far! No one in Doodle Village or Straight Line Hamlet arrives where they are supposed to on time, if they even arrive at all! How is Mr Scribbley going to think beyond his muddled ways and create a clever solution? Aimed at 5-7 year olds, Mr Scribbley is a quirky and humorous book full of fun characters including Mr Scribbley’s best friend Sat Nav the Sausage Dog, who travels everywhere with him in the Bug Mobile. Full of beautiful and engaging illustrations by?Andy Catling, this book includes a full glossary of muddled terms to help de-muddle the world of Mr Scribbley and his friends.

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