Troubador Mr Elephant

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130101

Format: Paperback

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Mr Elephant

Ever Wondered Why Elephants Have Long Trunks and Wrinkly Skin?


Have you ever wondered why elephants have long trunks and wrinkled skin? Join Mr Elephant on a journey through Africa to find out why.

African elephants are on the endangered list so Mr Elephant will let you know how you can help to look after this gargantuan species just by having a copy of his book. 

A delightful tale for children aged 5-7, encouraging them to think as they discover the dangers elephants face in a sensitive manner.

Mr Elephant is now live on my website for pre-orders. Anyone who orders direct from myself will receive a personally signed copy and be entered into a free prize draw to win one of the original illustrations from the book.

5% of the purchase price from every copy sold will be donated to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Best known for the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants and rhinos in Kenya, the Sheldrick Trust is helping orphaned elephants back to the wild where they can begin families of their own.

Discover Animals, 22/03/2022

Absolutely beautiful illustrations, a lovely story to read to my little man with an important message.
Really chuffed with Mr Elephant

by Emily Clough

A firm favourite in our house, my boys (3 & 6) love reading Mr Elephant such a wonderful story with an abundance of fantastic illustrations.

by Kirsty

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I really enjoyed the illustrations of this book. I liked how they were hand drawn with colouring pencils. It gave the book a very accessible & unique feel, which was nice. I’m a big fan of elephants and so is my daughter, so this was a fun book to read with her. It was educational, and I appreciated all the facts strewn into the book.

That said, I felt like sometimes the rhyming was a little off, too many syllables here or there to get into a good rhythm reading to my daughter. I also felt like a couple of the themes jumped a little too fast & didn’t quite hit the head on the nail. For instance, at one point the author rhymes a question about the elephant’s skin, but then immediately follows it up with a fact that, as written, doesn’t answer the question at all. After looking it up online later, it does make sense, but I would have appreciated the book to address the “why” of their own question a little more in the rhyme.

I LOVED the call to action at the end of the book though and that a portion of the proceeds are going to help protect the elephants. Our children are our future and it’s important to inform them when something they love might be threatened. Overall, I think the author/illustrator did a great job and I would recommend this book.

by Laura

Sarah  Glover

Sarah Glover is a self taught wildlife artist originally from Gateshead in the North East of England. Now based in Durham where she lives with her husband, their son and their cocker spaniel. Sarah has always been passionate about wildlife, especially African elephants which have been her favourite animal for as long as she can remember. Sarah's debut book was almost destined to be called 'Mr Elephant' having wrote the original poem with her mother at a mere 8 years old.

Photograph - Copyright: Sam Todd 2021

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