Troubador Monsieur Le Chef

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800461338

eISBN: 9781800467569

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Monsieur Le Chef


Far across the sea and hidden by mist, lies a mysterious island. A bizarre place, populated by talking animals, that doesn’t appear in any atlases. A land that somehow continues to change its position on the planet each day, to prevent it from being found by humans. Welcome back to the Island of Animaux!

The five new tales in Monsieur Le Chef pick up where the last ones left off. Aubrey the Turkey continues to get up to his old mischief. In one story he imagines he is a great chef, until Clifford Platypus gets mixed up with preparations for the main course. In another tale Aubrey presents himself as a great explorer, to save poor Walli Hog. The arrival of his sister forces Aubrey to face his lack of bravery. And the three friends come together to play in an exciting football cup final. Other old friends reappear and new creatures, some sinister, are also introduced. Stories packed with fun, silliness, naughty behaviour and happy endings.

Please enjoy the stories. And don’t be afraid to laugh, particularly at Aubrey’s expense. But please, please, please – continue to remember to keep the latest position of the island top secret!

The Island of Animaux will be published on 28 July 2020.

The wonderful follow-up to 'The Island of Animaux'. Aubrey the Turkey returns for more hilarious, outrageous adventures. Clifford Platypus and Wallli Hog try to keep him in check, but the foul fowl is hard to control! :-) See the turkey have a disastrous dinner party, cringe in front of his sister, cheat other creatures to achieve his selfish ambition, and finally come good in a football game. I laughed long and hard at every story and children are in for a treat! Highly recommended.

by Jo

Milo McGivern

Milo McGivern is the writing name for Steve Humphries. Steve has spent many years working in finance. He has travelled extensively although is most happy when he is at home in Berkshire. Steve enjoys casual story writing and the Island of Animaux tales were first imagined over 30 years ago.

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