Troubador Midgie McNumpty

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460560

Format: Paperback

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Midgie McNumpty


Meet Midgie: he’s wee, he’s fiery, and he’s totally fed up. It’s way, way back in the days of old, and the wild lands of Glenfoostie are home to the great Clan Claymore. Like everyone in the glen, Midgie is a member of the clan. He’d rather not be. With the clan chief’s smug and boastful son questioning his combat skills, Midgie’s bid to prove he’s as good as any Claymore is not going well. 

Nae bother: Midgie knows just what to do. Welcome to the all-new Clan McNumpty! Together with his wee sister, his best friend, a pesky know-all and a Highland calf named Dugald, Clan Chief Midgie embarks on a quest for respect and renown. They must claim their own castle! Triumph at the Highland Games! Hunt the Loch Ness Monster! Yet somehow they just keep making people ANGRY. Perhaps a pyromaniac pixie and killer haggis have something to do with it...

Can calamitous Clan McNumpty ever become the heroes of Glenfoostie? As the glen faces the greatest threat it’s ever known, everyone’s about to find out. Join Midgie and the clan for more brave steps and backward steps than a Highland fling. With enough fanciful folklore and fizz-popping flame magic to set the heather on fire, this is a funny and adventure-packed story of courage, determination and learning what it means to believe in yourself for readers aged 8+.

This book is a perfect read for this age group: full of fun, courage, silliness and adventure! Midgie McNumpty is a brilliant and determined hero whose tenacity and loyalty to his clan set him against the thuggish Callum Claymore. The characters are beautifully individual and the vocabulary says just what it needs to! Pure braw!

by Poe

Angela Robb

Angela Robb lives in Stirlingshire, Scotland, and likes nothing better than getting thoroughly lost in the landscape. She studied in Glasgow and Edinburgh and still spends plenty of time in both, soaking up ideas for settings and stories. Angela is the author of Midgie McNumpty and Hamster Gangster.

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