Troubador Into the Mistworld

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838593810

Format: Paperback

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Into the Mistworld


Eleven-year-old Josh never expected to be a hero. But after finding the Bergen Prophecy and discovering that his destiny has been chosen for him, Josh’s life is changed forever. Having previously defeated the brutal Viking, Harald Greycloak, Josh and his friend Rainbow must travel once more to the mythological Viking Mistworld with the fate of Whitby resting on their shoulders.

Josh’s friend, Anders, has been taken hostage by the evil Viking queen Gunnhild and her son Greycloak. In return for his safety, they demand the Cross of Caedmon as ransom. But the Cross guarantees the safety of Whitby and to hand it over would place everyone in danger. Josh must make an impossible decision. Will he be able to rescue his friend and uphold his destiny? Or will Greycloak’s long-awaited revenge finally be enacted?

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