Troubador Ida the Spider

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838593360

Format: Paperback

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Ida the Spider


Have you ever seen a spider on a bike? Well, I’ve seen a picture of a spider sitting on the saddle of an old rusty bike, but I’ve never seen a spider actually riding a bike and doing her makeup and holding an umbrella at the same time.

Ida the Spider is very silly. She should be looking where she’s going and watching out for cars and bikes on the road; but she’s always in a hurry, loves doing her face and hair and hates getting wet. She thinks she is beautiful, but if she doesn’t keep an eye on the road, she’s going to have a nasty accident. If her umbrella slips and she can’t see where she’s going she might just fall off her bright red bike and what then? She could end up in hospital feeling sore. 

It is important to have one leg or hand you can take off the handlebars or the pedals to stop the bike from wobbling and it is never a good idea to hold an umbrella and do your makeup on a bike. You need to look where you’re going.

A playful poetry book for 0 - 5 years, introducing a bright and amusing character!

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