Troubador From Sheep to Shore

Released: 28/09/2022

ISBN: 9781803132914

Format: Paperback

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From Sheep to Shore


Meg is small but has dazzling speed; Jack has size and enthusiasm. Between the two of them they make a great team who love their job of herding sheep. 

One day, everything changes when Fraser, the grumpy, bad-tempered Ram, kicks the barn door, hitting poor Meg and forcing the farmer to send her far away to a totally different life by the sea. 

Jack is left behind and soon finds himself looking after cows instead of sheep and most importantly, cows with long sharp horns! Jack can't wait to leave the farm and the cows behind and join Meg in her new home by the sea...

Jack might be a big dog who was very confident working with sheep on the farm but the beach is a very different place, full of strange brightly coloured objects he has never experienced before! Life by the sea holds many new, exciting and amusing discoveries that lead the enthusiastic duo into some tricky situations...

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