Troubador Follow Me, Billy B

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838593858

Format: Paperback

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Follow Me, Billy B


Readers rejoin Billy on another rather unusual adventure…

While Billy is playing in his garden, he hears a very strange sound. When he investigates, he discovers a garden gnome digging at the foot of his treehouse. After getting to know his new friend, the gnome invites Billy to come to his house to play and meet his family.  

The journey to the gnome’s house is an adventure in itself, and Billy is left wondering: just how did the little gnome end up in his garden in the first place? 

Reader reviews of the Billy series: 
‘Easy for children to follow and join in with the rhyming verses.’ 
‘A delightful read-aloud to share with young children, well-told and with clever use of rhyme.’

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