Troubador Cyril the Squirrel and his Adventures through the Seasons

Released: 28/02/2021

ISBN: 9781800461611

Format: Paperback

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Cyril the Squirrel and his Adventures through the Seasons


Cyril is a very energetic and curious little squirrel, always ready to make friends and learn new things. He loves adventure and as magical doors fall from the skies, Cyril is transported to new places, uncovering characters who are ready to show him the beauty of the seasons and all they have to offer. What will he learn along the way?

Beautifully illustrated, this tale set to a fun rhyme will have younger readers delighted as they run, fly, jump with Cyril and learn all about the seasons. A magical tale of adventure and wonder for the young reader just learning.

I love this book, I found it very creative with a real flare for bringing nature and magic together which my children thoroughly enjoyed listening to.

by Leon Palmer

Just received my book for a new addition in the love the detail of the story n the drawings...just realised it wasn't for me lol...
But so well written .roll on the follow up

by Dave aka daisy Dave

A beautiful magical journey through the seasons. We love the things we can do throughout the year and facts. The girls can’t wait to make Cyril's favourite apple pie.

by Amy Shilleto

What a wonderful book!
What a wonderful writer!
What a wonderful idea!

by Fraz Knapp

What a beautiful book, that I read to my Grand daughter Ava. She is 3 ½ and is captivated by the story, and the pictures, as well as the rhythm , the pace and the adventure she is taken on. Love the extra educational bits at the back too.

by Trevor Gardner

Our family love books and this is a welcome addition to our home library! Both my children aged 7 and 12 sat captivated by this enchanting little character Cyril and his journey through the seasons. The beautiful illustrations and the clever rhyming in this book ensure the reader will be eagerly awaiting the next page!

by Julie Holden

What a beautiful book. An enchanting story with the most wonderful illustrations to accompany it.

by Annabel Leach

Thank you for your lovely book.
Cyril and friends have been helping my Daughter to talk about the seasons changing, and to share her own adventures. Your choice of words flow beautifully and help create a magical, yet educational adventure.
We also adore the illustrations Helen.
She has been writing out your adventure and will add her own stories in the future. See you soon Cyril
Thank you again

by Beth Cossey

My 2 little girls aged 4 and 7 loved reading Cyril The Squirrel with me. The rhyming within the story kept their attention and they were so excited to turn each page to find out where Cyril would go next. The description is so vivid and the illustrations are beautiful.
A really exciting and fun way for children to discover and learn about the seasons and the added information text at the end is great!
We love this book and are hoping to hear more about Cyril’s adventures in the future!
A fantastically written book to spark a young readers imagination and to learn about nature in a magical way.

by E Smale

I absolutely love the way the story is told by Jess on utube . Which helped me tell the story much better after.

The rhyme rhythm and flow of the story, i found myself getting very quickly in character as my grandson and I followed Cyril on his magical journey through the seasons.

We loved the little songs to even more amusement of grandma attempting to sing them.
The book has lovely clear pictures to talk even more about the characters.
I’ve not made the soup and apple pie yet as my grandsons is a little young to keep his attention but we will soon and i thought what a great idea including them.
I love this book full of imagination and lovely energy so gentle and kind.

by Jenny Hulin

Jessica Christie

Jessica was born at home in Bideford, North Devon on 8th February 1979, which is where she grew up.

Eager to follow a creative path, Jessica studied Fashion Promotion & illustration at the Epsom institute of Art & Design. However Jessica path changed dramatically after the birth of her first son In 1999. Realising there was a richness in life she had yet to discover, Jessica returned to Devon to fulfil lost childhood dreams of becoming a teacher.

While studying the Steiner Waldorf teaching degree, Jessica rediscovered her love for movement and stories and went on to develop a portfolio of experience which included teaching children’s yoga and many different dance inspired movement classes for children and adults alike. The children’s classes often incorporated routines which told a story about our bodies or the world around us.

Forever seeking new adventures and reflecting on life’s rich tapestry of mystical questions, Jessica has since followed her heart. As she lovingly puts pen to paper her writing is a mix of experience, nature, the unseen and the intimate connection of life we all share.

As a child, Jessica grew up inspired by her parents love for books. “I remember my dad reading ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Borrowers’ to me. I was captivated by the imaginative worlds such books drew me in to” Jessica says

“For me, the imagination is as real as our everyday life and when we allow it to show us the magic it is able to conjure, we open the doors to life’s secrets”.

Jessica now lives in Exeter with her husband, 4 children, 2 cats, 4 rabbits, 4 chickens and Benji and Bella her dogs.

Her life long ambition has been to be happy, never stop learning and to always follow her heart.

Jessica Christie
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