Troubador Chloe Saurus

Released: 28/08/2022

ISBN: 9781803131863

Format: Paperback

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Chloe Saurus


At almost thirteen years old, Chloe isn’t like everyone else. Chloe is half human, and half dinosaur.
Beset by strange dreams that seem to show her flashbacks of a time long gone, Chloe grapples with her identity while the girls continue to bully her. Her body keeps changing in ways she can’t predict. One day, she sneezes and her head transforms briefly into the head of a pterosaur!
Can Chloe accept herself, and rid herself of her bullies?
Chloe finds spiritual solace through her creaturely roots but also experiences turmoil over humanity’s relationship with 'nature'. A relationship mirroring domestic violence. 
Written by an author who has worked in Children’s Safeguarding for over twenty years, this story promotes awareness of violent and abusive relationships through a lyrical story and beautifully vivid illustrations.

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