Troubador Bogus Business Unlimited

Released: 19/10/2020

eISBN: 9781800467163

Format: eBook

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Bogus Business Unlimited


YIKES! Ever heard of a green fashion and beauty monster, Wicked Witch of All things East, who lives at the end of The Great Rainbow? Who flies a turbo broomstick with a sidecar and who hasn’t passed her broomstick test? Well, believe it or not, unfortunately there is one of those that exists. By the name of Verruca. And that isn’t the same thing as on your foot, though she has a similar ouchy affect on anyone who goes near her, sort of contagious. She has even managed to worm herself into dizzy heights of Director of Bogus Business, a Division of Maggoty Grub Apples Incorporated. Rotten at it’s core, and run by a virus, yup, that’s what I said, Virus, who is CEO, shall we say a few slices short of a full apple pie, runs the rickety corporation.

Open for business, and when I say open, I mean open to anything on the crookometer scale, Sir Virus Twonk sends the Witch and her crew off on a mission on the Blue Line of The Great Rainbow to look at dealing in some stolen wares in the hands of a robbing cabbage. Things are going reasonably well, by Bogus team standards, until they are captured by winkle pirates who want gold, who want “tweasure”. As she tries to claw out of this mess, they soon discover their business purchase isn't all it seems. GURGLE. RUMBLE. GUSH! Looks like they're in another stinky mess.

This was such a cute, spooky, halloween themed read that's perfect for the current autumnal season. It was a really interesting and gripping story which I overall, really enjoyed.

by NetGalley review

I enjoyed this book very much and I’m sure my younger sister would love it. It was funny but not in a forced cringe way. I read it in one setting and found it really enjoyable. Personally I would have loved some illustrations added to the story to keep the younger reader more engaged, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

by NetGalley review

The story was captivating and had enough twists and turns to keep it interesting throughout.

Although, like the others said, some visuals every few pages would have made it more fun. I also thought that the unique names given to each of the characters and places featured were overused a bit and became slightly distracting from the main story.

An overall good read, would recommend.

by NetGalley review

I picked this book to review as the cover looked spooky for a 4 year old for Halloween Spooky Tales

The cover he was really interested in, when we started to read we discovered it was short stories.

The fish fingers part really made him laugh so much.

Our only negative would be he would have engaged more if there was some visuals to accompany this book.

by NetGalley review

Children’s fiction but funny to read for all.
The only thing I miss is some cute drawings or graphics for children to enjoy the book more.

The story is well written and will talk to the imagination so you can think in pictures while you go on your adventure, but I have an niece who needs pictures/drawings to support the text or else she gets lost to the text. So that’s my only feedback to the author to take in as an advice.

Kids now a days should be triggered more to read but due to dyslexia or trouble with their own imagination, drawings can help to understand what they read, and so they will enjoy it more

I definitely recommend this book, it’s funny, fantasy, adventure, feel good

by NetGalley review

Bogus Business Unlimited is a lovely book with a delightful illustration on the cover. It is well written and myself and my 4 year old son enjoyed it. I think it would have benefited from some illustrations to keep young children's interest especially as the cover illustration was so enticing.

by NetGalley review

The cover of the book is really beautiful. It adds a Halloween theme without being spooky for younger children. While this book is children’s fiction, it is a fun read for all. The names of the characters and places were very unique and added additional humor to the story. There were interesting twists and turns. One thing that I felt might have enhanced the younger reader experience would be a few illustrations. I would definitely recommend this fun, fantasy adventure.

by NetGalley review

This is a great book to read, especially around Halloween time. It’s funny for children and grown ups alike, and I loved the character names - my favourite has to be Russell Sprout!
The illustration on the front cover is fab and if some more were included inside the book then that would make it even better!
I know when we read books at our school Book Club the students love any illustrations within the story!

by NetGalley review

I loved this book.
It had everything I want from a book.
The characters were brilliant, and the cover is exactly what I like

by Helen byles

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